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Did The Beatles Music-Based Film ‘Yesterday’ Steal Its Plot?

first_imgThe plot of Yesterday, the upcoming Working Title film that follows a man suddenly thrust into a world without The Beatles who decides to steal the credit for their masterpieces of pop, may itself be the result of theft. Graphic novelist Dave Blot has come forward on comic-centric site Bleeding Cool to shine some light on what he perceives as the theft of the concept created by himself and artist Jérémie Royer. The case he makes, especially when comparing the story outlines, is extremely compelling.The movie from Academy Award®-winning director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting, 28 Days Later) and Richard Curtis, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually and Notting Hill, follows Jack Malik (Himesh Patel, BBC’s Eastenders), a struggling musician who wakes up after a world wide blackout to find he is the only person alive who remembers the music of The Beatles. Seizing the opportunity to parlay their iconic songs into pop super-stardom for himself, he risks losing the one woman who believed in him all along. As high premise romance movies go, it’s fairly imaginative….or is it?The 2011 Yesterday graphic novel from Blot and Royer follows John Duval, a Frenchman from New York who finds himself inexplicably transported back to the early sixties. Though at first embracing his situation, he encounters a series of depressing set backs, including having his girlfriend cheat on him with no less than Bob Dylan. At a low point, Duval dejectedly sings the title song to himself. In a flash he is inspired to beat John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr to the punch. Forming his own band , named, cheekily, The Futurians, he closely parallels the rocket to world wide idols of the artists whose work he’s stolen.The French creators are pleading their case in a unique way, fighting first in the court of public opinion.  They’ve made their graphic novel available for free download in the original French HERE and in a translated English edition HERE.  We’re including the trailer and some choice panels from the graphic novel to give you a sense of the similarities for yourself.Given the seemingly eternal popularity of The Beatles catalog, the presence of a high profile supporting cast like pop star Ed Sheeran and Saturday Night Live lead Kate McKinnon and the buzz around the film it looks like the cinematic Yesterday is poised to do very well at the box office. At this point comic creators Blot and Royer are likely rooting for the Boyle film to break the bank so that the ensuing legal settlement will be all the sweeter.  The best things in life may well be free, but the film producers may well be paying the comic creators a lot of money, which, we are guessing, is what they want.Yesterday (2019) Movie Trailer:Yesterday (2011) Graphic Novel Excerpts: And just for fun, check out this fun meeting Duval has with Lennon and McCartney, who marvel at his song writing prowess while seeming scared by the mania shown by his legions of fans.last_img read more

FDNY Kicks of EMS Week with Annual Medical Special Ops Conference

first_imgThe conference provides an opportunity for specialists to experience some of the more complex and challenging areas of emergency medical response. Dario Gonzalez, MD, FACEP, of FEMA US&R New York Task Force 1, noted special considerations in medical monitoring and supervision of personnel: Attendees at the traumatic amputation session at the 2014 FDNY MSOC. Areas that need to be considered in these environments, in addition to proper personal protection equipment (PPE), include air monitors, radiation detection equipment and chemical-protective clothing. Know the canine “partner” from head to toe, perform a physical assessment and take canine vital signs every morning the dog is on the job;Watch for limping, elevation of the head or flinching by the canine when you compress or palpate a hurt or injured paw or leg;Learn to recognize what’s normal for each dog;Check the mouth for symmetry and assess capillary refill (should be less than two seconds);Check breathing patterns–the normal range for canines is 6—20 breaths per minute, up to 40 with exertion/exercise;Lung sounds should be clear, there shouldn’t be crackles or wheezes;The average working dog (60—100 lbs.) will have a resting heart rate of 60—100 bpm; up to 120—140 bpm with exertion/exercise; andOperators should know how their canine behaves at different times throughout the day, including how the dog responds to food and other stimuli. Check lung sounds at the border of the scapula because there’s less adipose tissue;Listen for heart sounds by laying the patient on their left side;Use the tip of the nose and ear lobes for pulse oximeter placement;Oxygenate by using combinations of nasal cannula, non-rebreather and continuous positive airway pressure;Patients shouldn’t be laid flat because it causes the chin to tip forward, occluding the airway. Instead, you should build a wedge by using layers beginning at the point of the scapula up to the head to open the airway; andIf one airway is good, three are better: place nasopharyngeal airways in both nostrils in addition to an oral airway. Attendees included EMTs, paramedics, physicians, medical specialists, educators and leadership from some of the country’s top urban search and rescue (US&R) teams, as well as the military, fire and EMS communities. The day concluded with a 9/11 remembrance ceremony at the WTC site and a meet-and-greet reception with the FDNY Fire Commissioner and Chief of EMS at the New York City Fire Museum. Christopher Ho, MD, of FEMA US&R California Task Force 8, presented important bariatric patient care strategies that should be used when assessing obese patients: Dehydration should be your No. 1 priority;Be ready to treat hand injuries, simple lacerations and strains; andBe alert to stress and aftershocks. Anthony Macintyre, MD, medical director for FEMA US&R Virginia Task Force 1, presented case summaries from US&R rescue experiences and noted that: The two-day event featured lectures from attending US&R teams, as well as workshops consisting of patient packaging in a subway simulator, confined space maneuvers in a collapsed structure, medical scenarios with high-fidelity manikins simulating entrapped patients, and ultrasound examination using live models utilizing the extended focused assessment with sonography for trauma method. Joseph Holley, MD, medical director for FEMA US&R Tennessee Task Force 1, reviewed seldom-used cache drugs medical operators must be knowledgeable about and discussed medications in the current US&R cache. These included sedatives, paralytics, veterinary and topical medications. He also pointed out how ketamine can and should be utilized during US&R medical care. Medical issues that will be encountered at earthquakes: Robertone attended last year’s conference and found not only the content to be a unique opportunity and experience for attendees, but also the FDNY facility to be a superb venue for emergency personnel to learn important aspects of medical special operations in a realistic training environment. Roberts stressed that not protecting airways from the dust and particulates, often present at collapses like the WTC, can cause life- and career-altering medical issues, as can carbon monoxide from gas-powered equipment. Register for this year’s FDNY MSOC at For more information, email [email protected] or call 718-999-2507. In an ongoing effort to advance the knowledge and skills of emergency medical special operations personnel, the New York City Fire Department (FDNY), in partnership with the FDNY Foundation, invites first responders to attend the third annual Medical Special Operations Conference (MSOC) to kick off EMS Week. A field limb amputation workshop conducted at the North Shore LIJ Bioskills Education Center featured a lecture discussing the historical background of field limb amputation, followed by a review of the necessary supplies and equipment, as well as some alternative equipment options. Instructors pointed out the indication and superior clinical judgment required to make the decision to perform a field limb amputation and the complexities surrounding the actual procedure including coordination between rescue, structure and medical teams required to safely extricate a patient. An optional one-day preconference workshop on May 15 will feature a hands-on bioskills cadaver lab and workshops on canine critical care, casualty air evacuation and special boat operations, concluding with a visit to the World Trade Center (WTC) Memorial for a special tour hosted by FDNY. Last year’s participants told JEMS reporter Annamarie Robertone the MSOC should be mandatory for anyone operating in the medical special operations environment, a testament to the content and instructors featured at this unique conference. MSOC will take place at FDNY’s expansive academy on Randall’s Island on Saturday, May 16, and Sunday, May 17. According to Douglas Isaacs, MD, a key developer of the event and FDNY deputy medical director in the Office of Medical Affairs, this year’s conference will offer workshops, lectures, panel discussions, hands-on skills opportunities and a vendor area that features the latest medical and rescue special operations equipment and products. The goal of the MSOC is to provide a venue to discuss, illustrate and practice the best medical approaches to complex incidents, and improve the morbidity and mortality of patients in an austere environment previously unavailable outside of an actual event. Jorge N. Hernandez, MD, of FEMA US&R Florida Task Force 2, presented important pediatric pearls: Basic elements provided in training developed by Joseph A. Barbera, MD, over the past two decades still hold true, and advanced procedures are usually less useful in these unique situations; andThe unique aspects of US&R mandate that multidisciplinary coordination occur to affect safe patient extrication. Katie Roberts, EMT-P, with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) US&R California Task Force 3, noted US&R members have learned that hazardous materials (hazmat) operations and concerns have to be considered at terrorist incidents, citing how past deployments have shown emergency operators are always working in an environment that contains contaminants or hazmat such as concrete dust, particulates, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide. Criteria for team physical requirements must be established and followed;The baseline physical assessment should include: vital signs, past medical history, present medical history and medications currently being taken;There needs to be an ongoing evaluation of a responder’s fit-for-duty status to make the determination if rescuers are “good to go”; andAfter effects of each incident on the responder needs to be assessed and there should be a structured support system in place for personnel. Following the lecture, participants received hands-on experience and practiced the steps of performing a field limb amputation in the bioskills lab with experienced trauma and emergency medicine physicians. They also had the opportunity to learn how to obtain humeral and sternal intraosseous access, as well as a chance to hone their airway management skills using advanced techniques and equipment. Placing a 1″ pad on a backboard at the level of the shoulders puts the spine in alignment and opens the airway;Until age 8, pediatric nasopharyngeal structures are narrow;Pediatric tracheas are short, their tongues are large, and their tracheas are prone to collapse;Classically, because the necks of pediatric patients are so short during their early years of development, you won’t see jugular vein distention;Intraosseous access should be considered early in the treatment algorithm; andCrews should always watch for airway obstruction and pneumothorax in pediatric patients. Medical issues that will be encountered at hurricanes can include dehydration, feet pain and blusters, rashes, puncture wounds, and abrasions. FDNY MSOC attendees watch an overturned vehicle simulation. Rave Reviews for Last Year’s Conference Subject matter experts shared past disaster experiences, which revealed strategy, equipment, technology and skills that have been utilized to improve patient care. Robertone’s report follows, presenting some key learning points from just a few of the lectures presented at the MSOC. Jennifer Brown, DVM, of FEMA US&R Florida Task Force 2, presented important considerations for US&R canine care: Mike Kurtz, EMT-P, medical coordinator for FEMA US&R Pennsylvania Task Force 1, discussed common issues at various deployments. Registration for MSOClast_img read more

County parks department listening to ideas for future development, programming

first_imgJohnson County Parks Director Jill Geller answers questions from Richard Voss at an open house at Antioch Library Tuesday night which was designed to get input about the future of the county parks.Parks in northeast Johnson County are mostly the province of its many municipalities, but this year NEJC residents can influence how the county park system develops and changes.Visitors to the open house Tuesday looked over display boards on each of the county parks and then submitted comments.Over the next several months, the Johnson County Park and Recreation District will be updating its master plan for the entire system. Parks director Jill Geller said the 44-acre Antioch Park at 67th and Antioch, opened in 1955, is not only the county’s oldest park, but also its smallest. And, it is the closest for northeast Johnson County.Northeast Johnson County had already been developed by the time the county park system began, leaving the northeast without large greenspace. Antioch is the closest to the northeast, although the county owns and runs the aquatic center and sports dome in Roeland Park and operates the Roeland Park Community Center and its programming. Geller said the department also offers some programming at the Prairie Village community building near city hall.Walking and biking trails is one area where the county can support cities across the county, Geller said, by helping with the local match for construction grants. The county parks department recently participated in a Shawnee trail. Lately, the Turkey Creek Trail and its financing has been a topic of discussion in both Mission and Roeland Park. Geller said the county is more likely to help with a trail connection, which is the case in Mission.Tuesday evening at the Antioch Library, residents walked through display boards of each of the county’s parks and had a chance to offer comments and suggestions for future development. The parks department is wide open on suggestions for recreation, programming, capital improvements and future operations, said Darin Barr of Ballard King & Associates, one of the firms helping with the planning. A citizen survey is among the next steps. The comments from the open house sessions and surveys will be used to develop ideas that can again be open to public participation.Barr said a proposal for the county should be ready by late next spring.last_img read more

Police tase, shoot man fleeing from scene of Dollar Tree robbery at border of Johnson, Wyandotte Counties

first_imgThe suspect was shot at the corner of 6th Terrace and 47th Street. Evidence markers and clothes are near the corner. KCK is on the left and Roeland Park is on the right.A man police found fleeing from the scene of a robbery of the Dollar Tree General Store at 520 County Line Rd., just a block from the border of Roeland Park, Westwood and Kansas City, Kan., was taken to the hospital in critical condition after a Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Deputy shot him Thursday afternoon.The report of an armed robbery came in around 1:30 p.m. Thursday with law enforcement officers from the Wyandotte Sheriff’s Department and the Westwood Police department the first to arrive on the scene. The officers found a black male a few blocks west of the Dollar Tree store, fleeing on foot. The suspect was armed with a large knife, according to a briefing provided by the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Department. The Westwood officer used a Taser gun to try to disable the man, but it was not successful in stopping him. At that point, according to the Sheriff’s Department, the Wyandotte deputy shot the man. The information officer said she did not know how many shots had been fired.The suspect did not take anything from the store, but police were still interviewing employees to find out what happened during the robbery attempt. No employees were injured in the incident. A man near the scene said his daughter’s car had been grazed by a bullet during the incident while she was in it.After the shooting, the suspect was taken to the hospital via ambulance. Several blocks of 47th Street are blocked off for the investigation. The shooting occurred at 6th Terrace and County Line Road, about three blocks west of the Dollar Tree. Police units from Roeland Park, Mission, Fairway and KCK also were on the scene. Police from the KCK department are handling the investigation.Officers said the taser would have a range of about 12 feet.The street was flooded with police from several different agencies after the shooting Thursday afternoon.Police were still interviewing witnesses in the Dollar Tree store where the incident started Thursday afternoon.last_img read more

Atlona Announces Velocity 2.0 AV Control Platform, Scheduling Touch Panel Now Available

first_imgAtlona is shipping Velocity 2.0, the next generation of its IP-enabled platform for AV control, room scheduling and asset management. The latest Velocity System platform offers a flexible new architecture to support various room and application requirements — several of which Atlona will demonstrate within its ISE 2020 stand (5-T50) in Amsterdam next month.The new release integrates several new and important capabilities at no extra cost, including room scheduling, unlimited BYOD usage for AV control, integration with leading soft codec platforms (Zoom Rooms, Cisco WebEx), AV asset management and remote monitoring and management from the cloud.At ISE 2020, which marks the public debut of Velocity 2.0, Atlona will showcase these and other valuable benefits in multiple, live demonstrations across the stand:A standalone environment that highlights Velocity AV system control configurations, room booking and scheduling applications, and integration with the Atlona Management System (AMS) for configuration and management of Velocity and IP-connected AV devices.Integration with Atlona OmniStream AV over IP, Omega presentation and collaboration products, and Opus HDR distribution and matrix products with a focus on video wall management, source routing, and ease of use for system users and integrators.New Velocity Touch Panel for Room Scheduling and AV ControlAtlona also announces the AT-VSP-800 8″ room scheduling and AV control touch panel that will ship in early February. With integrated bezel LED lighting, the panel is ideal for lobbies, hallways, or meeting space entrances that require a quick and easy way of visualizing room availability at a distance in scheduling applications.Alternatively, the panel can instead be used within huddle spaces, conference rooms, classrooms, lecture halls and other spaces that require AV control. In these cases, the lights on the outer frame of the touch panel can be used to reinforce awareness of AV control functions, such as AV mute or divisible room state.Systems integrators and tech managers can configure the AT-VSP-800 for either room scheduling or AV control within the Velocity System Gateway, eliminating the expense of purchasing and managing separate software platforms. Installers save additional time and money through the panel’s compact mounting footprint, which offers universal compatibility within walls or furniture via a one-gang U.S., UK or EU opening.Velocity Hardware and SoftwareVelocity retains its original functionality and benefits, including an IT-friendly architecture, built-in disaster recovery, and the ability to quickly configure, modify and extend control systems without extensive programming. The updated Velocity System platform includes new hardware (VGW-HW) and software (VGW-SW) server gateways to serve AV control installations over the network, while eliminating the expense of and requirement for a standalone control processor in each specific room or space.The complete range of new Velocity System hardware and software components, including the free Velocity Cloud Lite for simplified remote configuration and management, can be found here.last_img read more

Aftermarket Veteran Scott O’Toole Announces Formation of RPM Data Services

first_imgCOLOMA, Mich. – Scott O’Toole, a 28-year veteran of the automotive aftermarket, SEMA Business Technology Committee member, industry volunteer and speaker is leaving Motor State Distributing (a four-time SEMA Warehouse Distributor of the Year) after more than a decade of service, to form his own data solutions business called RPM Data Services. The business officially launches today – June 1. AdvertisementClick Here to Read MoreAdvertisement O’Toole had this to say about his new company, “I’ve been working on the RPM business plan for some time now. I felt that the opportunity and timing in our marketplace was right to put the plan into action. There is a huge void in the number of qualified, knowledgeable and affordable data solution providers servicing the specialty, racing and performance automotive aftermarket [segments]. RPM Data Services is well-prepared and strategically positioned to help fill this gap in the industry.” RPM Data Services will concentrate on working with racing, performance and accessory companies to get their product data consolidated and standardized into an acceptable format (PIES and ACES) to meet the needs of all distribution channel partners. RPM will primarily focus on product data preparation, data-mining, storage, distribution and education regarding data best-business practices. RPM also will provide consultation to clients regarding website functionality and social media marketing. Doug Lane, president of Motor State Distributing, added, “Scott O’Toole has been an important contributor to the growth and success of our company for the past 11 years. His vision and drive in the world of product data and related technology have been very valuable. RPM Data Services’ business model and long-term plan fits an important need in the marketplace. In fact, Motor State will be a client of RPM Data Services for specific segments of its product data needs.”Advertisement For more information about RPM Data Services, visit read more

Dogs Lifting Spirits In Los Alamos: Meet Buddy And Oreo

first_imgBuddy, 13, left, and Oreo, 11-weeks-old, are relaxing together as they ponder their next move to lift spirits around Los Alamos. Buddy was adopted from Heart & Soul Animal Sanctuary in Pecos and Oreo was found on Craig’s list. Buddy and Oreo are members of the Annette Maes-Livermore family. Photo by Annette Maes-Livermorelast_img

Softball Field To Be Renamed In Honor Of Hope Jaramillo

first_imgJeff Segler’s ‘Boys of Pajarito Plateau’. Courtesy/LAC Hope JaramilloBy KIRSTEN LASKEYLos Alamos Daily [email protected] Alamos resident Hope Jaramillo, who died in January, was instrumental in the local softball program. As a result, her work and name will be etched into Los Alamos history forever.This is because Los Alamos County Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to rename Minors A Field at Overlook Park in White Rock after Jaramillo. It will now be named Hope Field.Councilor Antonio Maggiore said, “Hope was a wonderful figure in our community, and she was well loved by many … I am proud to support memorializing her legacy in this manner.”Council Chair Sara Scott agreed. She said she appreciated the opportunity to honor Jaramillo’s memory and that it was really moving to read through all the public comments in support of naming the softball field after her.County Public Information Officer Julie Habiger said that a public hearing committee was formed to consider renaming the softball field. She said the committee received residents’ comments for two weeks and held a public hearing Sept. 15.More than 100 comments in support of the new name were received and there wasn’t a single comment that opposed naming the field after Jaramillo, Habiger said. As a result, the committee was unanimous in its decision to recommend that Council approve the new name for the field.Jaramillo, who died from cancer, was extremely active in the high school softball program. She was a player herself in school and went on to be a coach and volunteer in the Los Alamos softball program.The recommendation to rename Minors A Field after Jaramillo was initially presented during a Parks and Recreation Board meeting in March. Board member Robbie Harris presented the idea of renaming the field in honor of Jaramillo.“The reason why I am approaching the board about renaming the field from Minor A to Hope Field is just recently, over a month ago, we had a valuable asset within our softball community pass away after a long, lengthy battle with cancer,” Harris said during the March Parks and Recreation meeting. “The thing with Hope Jaramillo – she was instrumental in the development of girls’ softball here in Los Alamos as far as coaching, little league softball, youth triple A softball, supporting the high school JV tournament … so Hope originally was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and from that period till she passed away, she had 10 surgeries for her cancer not including additional treatments that she also had but the thing about it is, if you knew Hope, even though she was battling this she never ever wore it on her sleeve; you never would have guessed that was what she was doing. She would go for treatment one week and be back the next week ready to coach softball … that’s the thing about Hope, she was extremely selfless in volunteering her time and also as far as being an example of volunteerism here, in the community, that is exactly what she was.”In other council business, the acquisition of several public art pieces was approved while one piece will be further investigated.Arts in Public Places Board Member Jennifer Baker presented several recommendations for council’s consideration.Council approved the purchase of a 3D maze mural, which will adorn a concrete wall at the splash pad near Piñon Park in White Rock. The purchase will not exceed $67,000.Baker said the art piece, which will be created by artist Carrie Quade, will be an interactive piece. People can trace their fingers within the wide, rounded grooves that extend the length of the wall. She added that the piece will be designed to resemble mountains and trees and will use colors that complement the ones in the splash pad.Councilors said they were excited for the art project.“First, I want to extend my gratitude and appreciation of the Arts and Public Places Board and their dedicated staff… as excited as I am about the splash pad I think this is a wonderful addition to it. I like that it is indeed so tactile … I fully support this project…,” Councilor Antonio Maggoire said.Additionally, council approved the donation of Ed Grothus’ “Sunflower”. The donation was made by Grothus’ daughter, Barbara.While the piece is a donation, there is a cost to restore the artwork and mount it; the expenses will not exceed $60,000.The piece, which is made from recycled materials, will fittingly be mounted at the Eco Station.Councilor Pete Sheehey said this is the perfect location for the art piece.“Ed Grothus was a controversial figure, but he is certainly part of the history of this town,” Sheeehy said. “There were two things that Ed was about. One, he was a recycler long before recycling was much of a business, and two he was about turning swords into plowshares and this sculpture embodies that so wonderfully. I am delighted that we have a chance to put this up right over the place where he did a lot of business.”Regarding Arts and Public Places’ recommendation to purchase a painting titled, “Boys of Pajarito Plateau” by Jeff Segler and hang it in Fuller Lodge, council unanimously agreed that the recommendation needs to go back to the drawing board.Council moved that Arts in Public Places reconsider the location of the painting and reopen its purchase, which would not exceed $70,000, for public comment.Some councilors felt the subject matter, which depicts Los Alamos Ranch School students, is controversial.Maggiore interpreted the painting as paying homage to the early troops of the Boy Scouts of America, which he said is an organization that is not only financially bankrupt but morally bankrupt, too, given its numerous scandals. He said he felt it was wrong to approve the purchase of a painting that glorifies this organization.During public comment Segler noted that while his painting honors the boys of the Los Alamos Ranch School, the school had no association with the Boy Scouts of America.Furthermore, Sheehey said the mistakes of the Boy Scouts organization shouldn’t get in the way of Los Alamos celebrating a part of its history.“I will not deny there has been some unfortunate leaders in that organization; that said, I don’t believe that this historically accurate painting glorifies the Boy Scouts,” Sheehey said. “…I don’t believe the unfortunate aspects of some individuals in the Boy Scouts organization should get in our way celebrating the history of Los Alamos and the Ranch School.”Councilor David Izraelevitz said it wasn’t the painting’s subject matter that bothered him but the proposed location to hang the painting.He said he felt the painting didn’t fit with the aesthetic of Fuller Lodge and wondered if there was another, better location for it.“I just don’t see that this piece fits,” Izraelevitz said. A rendering of artist Carrie Quade’s mural for the splash pad. Courtesy/LACcenter_img ‘Sunflower’, donated to Los Alamos County by Barbara Grothus. Courtesy/LAClast_img read more

Glimpsing brilliance in Brazil – Latin America Conference Preview

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Israeli energy group buys stake in UK North Sea operator

first_imgIsrael’s energy group Delek has acquired a stake in Ithaca Energy, a UK North Sea oil and gas operator. Shares of Ithaca Energy rose 12.92% to 50.23 pence following the announcement on Friday.Under the agreement, Delek will, through its subsidiary DKL Investments inject $66 million in Ithaca in exchange for 81,865,425 Common Shares in the capital of the company.Explaining the move, Ithaca said that investment reduces the Company’s reserve based lending debt levels and provides additional flexibility to pursue value-accretive satellite opportunities in the Greater Stella Area in the North Sea.According to Ithaca Energy, the $66 million equity investment represents a 19% premium to the closing price on the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) on 8 October 2015 of CAD$0.88 per share – a 39% premium to the 5 day volume weighted average price (“VWAP”) and a 51% premium to the 30 day VWAP.Following completion of the placing, Delek will own 19.9% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares of the Company. The Israeli company will also have the right to nominate two Non-Executive Directors to the Board of Directors of Ithaca.Offshore Energy Today Stafflast_img read more