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Four Feared Dead In Plane Crash Off Amagansett

first_img Scene of a plane crash in the ocean at Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett, June 2, 2018. Scene of a plane crash in the ocean at Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett, June 2, 2018. Gordon M Grant. Two bodies have been recovered from the Atlantic Ocean off Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett, where a twin-engine Piper 31 PA Navajo plane crashed on Saturday, June 2, during a brief, but intense squall. A search is underway for the other two passengers.The Federal Aviation Administration said it lost contact with the plane at 2:37 PM just as an intense storm that blackened the sky as heavy rain fell hit the East Hampton-Amagansett area. “It was really bad,” Coast Guard Lt. Alaina Fagan said. An 87-foot Coast Guard rescue boat, the Bonito, was dispatched from the Montauk Coast Guard Station, Lt. Fagan said. An additional 87-foot cutter, the Steelhead, out of Rhode Island, also was dispatched.She said a debris field was found about a mile off the beach, but had since spread. “A lot of assets are being deployed,” she said. East Hampton Town police and that department’s dive team, and the marine patrol were on the scene. A Sikorsky MH 60 Seahawk helicopter has been deployed by the National Guard, and the Coast Guard sent an MH 60 Jayhawk helicopter from Cape Cod. Also helping in the rescue effort are numerous small boats, including a number of fishing vessels.Both of the bodies recovered were male, Lt. Fagan said. She said the East Hampton Town police dive team was searching for the fuselage and the remaining two victims. Sharelast_img read more

JPS Working to Get Power to Remaining 36,000 Customers

first_img ST ANN Clayground  to Bamboo, sections of Cardiff Hall and  James Hill, Sections of Flat Pointe to Llandovery, Chester, sections of Edge Hill Road, sections of Faith’s Pen, Rio Dairy Farm, Lime Hall to Clampsden, Green Park to Bamboo, Pearly Beach, Mystic Mountain, Shaw Park Gardens and surrounding areas, Cutlass Bay, Content Gardens, Mansfield, Cole Road, Rocky Hill, Dunns Hill ST MARY Corn Hill, Fontebelle, Days Mtn, Mason Hall, Look Out (Wentworth),  Coloraine, Rosend, Green Castle, Bonhan Spring, Upton, Exchange, Hand to Mouth, Spring Field, Windsor, White Spring, Wood Park, Farm Pen, Gayle Old Road, Russel Hall, Epsom, Islington, Whitehall, Robins Bay, Bacasswood, Freindship, Nutsfield, Green Castle, Hampstead WHERE JPS TEAMS ARE WORKING NOW On Wednesday, October 31, our teams will continue working to restore electricity in the areas listed below. It is important to note that, in the worst affected areas, the restoration work may take several days before the customers receive their power supply. KINGSTON & ST ANDREW Sections of Harbour View, St. Thomas Road, Caribbean Terrace, Port Royal, Morgans Harbour, section of Slipe Pen Rd and roads leading off, Lyndhurst Rd, Brentford Rd & Ivy Green Cres, Maxfield Avenue, Greenwich Farm,  Whitfield Town, Union Gardens, Darling Street, sections of Rennock Lodge, section of Water House, Victoria Avenue to East Queen Street and roads leading off, Seaward Pen, section of Molynes Road from Washington Boulevard to Four Roads, Seaward Drive, Olympic Way, York Avenue, Mahoe Drive, Maritime Institute, Tinson Pen, sections of Rockfort, Paradise Street, Cane River Road and roads leading off, Fletchers Land, Love Lane, Caledonia Avenue, Riverton Meadows, Chalmers Avenue, Roxborough, Seaview Gardens JPS is reporting that it has significantly reduced the number of customers without power in the last two days. About 24,000 customers were brought onto the grid since Monday, leaving approximately 36,000 customers without power at the end of restoration efforts Tuesday night.The majority of these customers are in the parishes of Portland and St Mary, where JPS faces challenges of access and extensive damage to its infrastructure. The Company has redeployed several teams to these parishes to fast track the restoration efforts. At the same time, JPS says it is also focusing on getting power to the multiple pockets of customers who are without service although the main power lines in their communities have already been energized. This includes sections of the corporate area affected by damage to the smaller distribution lines.center_img ST THOMAS Port Morant  – Quaw Hill,  Bath, Port Morant, Aelos Valley, South Haven, Easington to Windsor Forest PORTLAND Shrewsbury, Cooling Spring, Content, Paradise, Woodstock, Hart Hill, Windsor Castle, Dover, New Eden, Ythanside, Mt Pleasant, West End, Fellowship, Windsor, Stanton, River View, Seaman’s Valley, Moore Town, San San, Blue Hole, Fair Prospect, Boston, Fairy Hill, Manchioneal Contact:  Winsome Callum – 878-3740last_img read more