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Review of Firefox Recommended Add-ons

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… alex iskold 1 Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#Browsers#web Written by Alex Iskold and edited byRichard MacManus. Disclaimer: Alex’s company AdaptiveBlue has a product called Theblueorganizer, which was one of the twenty “Recommended add-ons” selected by Mozilla forthe Firefox 2 launch. Related Posts This week the spotlight is on Firefox as it launches its milestone 2.0 release. We’vecovered the launch with a Firefox 2.0 productreview, an interview withMozilla exec Chris Beard and a Firefox marketingdiscussion post. Today we bring you a review of the top twenty add-ons (aka extensions)selected by Mozilla for the Firefox 2 launch. We’ve categorized the add-ons and analyzedthem, to bring you what are hopefully the pick of the crop.Thriving ecosystemSince its inception, Firefox has been a great platform on which web developers canbuild on top of. Recognizing that the core browser must be lean, the Mozilla team puttogether the infrastructure for creating add-ons. In this single decision, Mozillacreated not just a fine browser – but a thriving community and a free marketplace, whichlinks add-on developers directly to browser users. The developers are free to be creativeand the users are free to choose the add-ons that they like. Such an ecosystem gives riseto innovation.Add-ons point to the future of the web browserLooking at the add-ons that were selected for the Firefox 2 showcase, in some waysthey show us what the browser of the future may look like. Indeed that is something thatChris Beard himself alluded to– they view add-ons as a kind of test bed, pulling ideas from the best of them into thecore product over time. The majority of add-ons are focused on integrating web services into the browser, toboost user productivity. In a nutshell, add-ons are about shaving off clicks – but to befair they do so much more. They create an enhanced, smarter, better browsing experienceand ultimately save users’ time.Music, Weather and Maps The FoxyTunes add-on integrates with yourfavorite music player and allows you to control the music you are listening to, rightfrom within the Firefox status bar. There are a lot of handy features, my favorite beingthe ability to change the language and encoding – so that if you are listening to musicin a language other than English, the title and the artist are displayed correctly.Forecastfox brings the weatherchannel right into Firefox. On the install you select the zip code or city and the add-ondoes the rest. It relies on AccuWeather.com to bring you the latest current weatherconditions, as well as a forecast of the upcoming weather. It is highly customizable andjust perfect for the status bar.Maps+ uses the Yahoo! Maps API to help the userlook up addresses. To see it working, highlight any address – we tried a restaurant on this page –then right click and select View map from the context menu. The layered popup with themap appears right next to the address. You can control the zoom level of the map andcustomize the add-on in various ways.Bookmarks 2.0Storing and sharing web content is one of the most fundamental online activities.del.icio.us started the web 2.0 revolution by introducing tagging and social bookmarking.Since then del.icio.us itself and many other companies have enhanced bookmarks in manydifferent ways. Let’s look at the latest add-on advancements featured in the top twentyadd-ons – and note there are a lot of bookmarking services amongst the add-ons.Yahoo! released an updated version of the del.icio.us plugin, which replacesbrowser bookmarks with a view of del.icio.us posts. The StumbleUpon add-on is essential forfans of this service – it features a handy toolbar that lets the users rate and discoverweb sites. The Clipmarks add-onlets you clip pieces of the page, instead of bookmarking them. This is useful when youare not interested in the entire page but just want to store a paragraph or an image.The Foxmarks add-on isseemingly simple – it synchronizes your bookmarks between all your Firefox browsers.What’s great is that it works in the backround and does not require any input from theuser, beyond creating an account. The JetEye addon in some ways is similarto Clipmarks, because it allows the user to collect clips. But it also enables arrangingthese clips by topic. Yoono is asocial recommendation engine for discovering interesting or related sites. The BlueOrganizer add-on, developed by mycompany AdaptiveBlue, helps users to interact with books, music, movies, restaurants andother everyday things.The developer add-onsThe showcase also contains three add-ons that help Firefox developers.GreaseMonkey is an add-on that letstechnically savvy users customize the look and feel of web pages. It has been verypopular with the community, as it brings impressive possibilities for creativity.FireBug is an essentialdebugger which supports JavaScript, CSS, HTML and much more. The Web Developer add-on contains an entiretoolset, which is a must have for anyone who is doing web and add-on development forFirefox.Blogging and RSSPerformancing add-on is a fullyfledged blog editor built right into Firefox, which integrates with TypePad, Blogger,WordPress and LiveJournal (amongst others). Sage is a powerful feed reader – withthe ability to subscribe to feeds, manage them and import/export via OPML.UtilitiesThere are some very nifty utilities that can be integrated into Firefox:FireFTP integrates FTP intoFirefoxChatZilla integrates IRC intoFirefoxDownload Statusbar helps youmanage downloads right in the status barFlashGot is another downloadproductivity add-onAdblock Plus lets you do awaywith advertisementsOther add-ons in the showcasePronto is comparison shoppingadd-on which alerts you to potential price savingsJaja wires telephony rightinto the browserLinkedIn integrates thepopular professional social network into the browserCooliris lets the user previewa page by hovering over linksAnswers is a time saver add-onthat lets you lookup information on Answers.comFun, useful and excitingThis Firefox showcase is full of interesting and useful add-ons that focus on helpingusers save time, by integrating web services into the browser. These add-ons point to a future of smarter, better browsers – that will be more aware of the patterns anduse cases of interacting with information online. So that’s our take – let us know which of these and other add-ons you use andrecommend!p.s. bonus points if you can tell us what’s with the motorcycle logo on the FirefoxAdd-ons homepage? (see image at the top of this post) 😉last_img read more

Under New Management, MySocial 24×7 Returns

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#Product Reviews#web Around this time last year, we were excited about a new Firefox extension called MySocial24x7 which brought FriendFeed activity streams right into your browser sidebar. Built on the Google App Engine platform, the add-on was one of the first to make use of the FriendFeed API. Unfortunately, the add-on’s creator Sandosh Vasudevan stopped work on the extension and soon it became out-of-date. But now, with permission from Sandosh, a new developer has taken over and the add-on has returned. A Little HistoryBack in December, we noticed that a new developer had begun working on the MySocial24x7 extension, albeit unofficially, when he posted a note on his blog. The developer, one Dave Hodson, was once the CTO of a company called MessageCast which was acquired by Microsoft in 2005. He now works on the Windows Live RSS team, according to his bio. Hodson had posted on his blog about how he updated MySocial24x7 so it would work with the latest version of Firefox 3. He had also fixed a few bugs including issues with Twitter authorization and posting to FriendFeed. At the time of the post, Hodson said that he emailed Sandosh for permission to continue work on the add-on and to see if Sandosh would be interested in hosting the new version on his domain. Fast-forward to a couple of months later, and we finally have an update on where this project is going: Hodson has officially taken over the development of this extension. With permission from Sandosh (who is apparently now working on a gDocs sidebar instead), Hodson will take responsibility for the maintenance and new features of the MySocial24x7 add-on. He submitted the updated extension to Mozilla and it’s currently available for download from here on addons.mozilla.org. About MySocial 24×7 If you never gave the add-on a spin the first time around, you should check it out. Essentially, it functions the same as it did before – MySocial24x7 sits in the Firefox sidebar giving you quick access to your FriendFeed stream. Buttons at the top let you quickly switch from the “Everyone” stream to your friends’ stream or even to your own. You can both “like” and comment on the items posted, view comments from others, or share items of your own. A scrollable row of icons lets you filter the streams by service – a feature which is especially handy if you like using FriendFeed as a Twitter client. You can also filter the view by selecting just one of your friends from the drop-down list provided. Sadly, there’s no option to filter by lists or rooms. Although functional, it looks like there are still some kinks to work out with the new version. The sidebar doesn’t always close when hitting the “X” and there seems to be no way to disable the pop-ups that appear (and occasionally remain) outside of the sidebar. Also, the one feature which we really wanted – an auto-refresh – is nowhere to be seen. Refreshes still have to be done manually by pressing a button at the bottom. Still, for those with limited desktop real estate, MySocial24x7 is a decent way to keep an eye on FriendFeed throughout the day without having to visit the web site. Now that the extension works again, we hope to see some improvements, such as the ones we’ve noted here, added to it soon. sarah perez Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…center_img Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Weekly Case Study: IBM Credits Virtualization With Helping Client Contain Server Sprawl

first_imgIBM had a credit card processor client with more than 4,700 servers spread across 10 data centers. IBM did an analysis and found that the servers were being underutilized.The solution? IBM recommended the client create a virtualization platform that consolidated servers and lowered the time and cost of administration.Download the case study Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… alex williams A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Tags:#cloud#cloud computing Related Posts last_img read more

Keys To Building Your Own SaaS Security Playbook

first_imgAs enterprise applications and data continues to move towards software as a service (SaaS), the need to evolve security controls and strategies has become increasingly apparent. New developments are now required to access and store data and applications. An evolving enterprise IT landscape calls for an evolving security strategy to keep pace with it.In a recent podcast, information security analyst, Jim Brennan, detailed how Intel’s development of a “SaaS Security Playbook” has given risk managers a foundation for running the same “plays.” By creating a guide for security stakeholders, your organization can ensure consistency in security strategy and responses.The Right Security FrameworkBy adopting the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) security framework and security assurance levels of bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, businesses can identify and focus their limited security resources on the most sensitive parts of the business. The ODCA security framework also offers recommendations on the type of security assurances your business should require from providers at each tier. Additionally, it details requirements for access control, encryption, data masking, and more.Know Thyself: Application Inventory & InsightAccording to Brennan, one of the first steps toward creating a SaaS security playbook is to take stock of which services have been migrated to the cloud, and which are still hosted in-house. During this inventory process, your team should create documentation for all SaaS providers, tenants, and enterprise controls. By conducting a thorough inventory of existing services and their security controls, your team can take a holistic and informed approach to implementing appropriate security measures for the kinds of data and applications that are being hosted in the cloud.Choosing The Right PartnersA huge part of a successful security strategy is to keep outside providers accountable. Since the ecosystem is still evolving, many SaaS products are still maturing. It’s important to carefully vet and scrutinize new providers before aligning with them. Security is an ongoing process — your security team should continually audit all SaaS providers and reassess risks associated with them.Brennan anticipates a lot of consolidation in the SaaS space over the next five to 10 years, which is why he recommends signing short-term contracts with your providers. If your roadmaps no longer align, your IT organization should be able to quickly move from one provider to another. To continue the conversation on Twitter, please follow us at @IntelITCenter or use #ITCenter.last_img read more

ISL: ‘Tempted’ Odemwingie says no to Jamshedpur

first_imgIndian Super League ISL: Former Premier League star Peter Odemwingie tempted by Jamshedpur FC offer Rahul Bali Last updated 2 years ago 06:40 8/9/2017 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Peter Odemwingie West Bromwich Albion April 2011 Getty Images Indian Super League The former West Bromwich Albion striker believed he had unfinished business in Indonesia’s Madura United, keeps door ajar for future ISL stint… Peter Odemwingie, the former Stoke City and West Bromwich Albion striker, has claimed that he was offered a chance to play in the Indian Super League (ISL) by new entrants Jamshedpur FC. But the striker went on to say that he had to turn down the chance to join the Steel City team in India’s most watched domestic football tournament because of commitments to his current team. The Nigerian international was speaking to Goal’s Indonesian correspondent and explicitly stated that he was not in a position to accept the Tata-backed team’s offer as he felt he had some unfinished business with Indonesian Liga 1 outfit Madura United. Peter Odemwingie Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘I’m getting better’ – Can Man Utd flop Fred save his Old Trafford career? Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Sources close to Goal confirmed that the Steve Coppell Managed franchise had indeed moved for the veteran, making a bid for the 2008 Olympics silver medalist. The Laskar Sapeh Kerab’s owner Ahsanul Qosasi, however, was in no mood to oblige the transfer.”Jamshedpur FC is a good team and they ask me to join in their big plan. Someone gave me an offer, but I have a job here. So I replied, ‘No, thanks’,” elaborated a cool Odemwingie.The 36-year-old though didn’t sweep the opportunity to play in the ISL under the rug, stating, “We’ll see after this season.”The new ISL franchise have been focusing on signing proven foreign players including the likes of Kervens Belfort, Tiri, Sameehg Doutie etc and Odemwingie could have been a lethal addition to Steve Coppell’s strike force.Nevertheless, Jamshedpur FC have signed seven overseas players so far but will be slightly disappointed that their attempts to secure a marquee signing did not come to fruition, despite interest from the player.last_img read more

KOTUG and Seabulk Bag Towage Gig in the Bahamas

first_imgzoom KOTUG International BV and Seabulk Towing have been awarded a towage contract with Borco Towing Company, a subsidiary of Buckeye Partners, for their Buckeye Bahamas Hub in the Bahamas. The contract will be performed through a newly formed joint venture between KOTUG and Seabulk: Kotug Seabulk Maritime LLC, a joint release reads.The Buckeye Bahamas Hub currently has over 26 million barrels of storage capacity and eight berths, including two VLCC-capable berths, making it the largest petroleum products terminal in the Western Hemisphere.Kotug Seabulk Maritime is deploying four new tugboats and a bunker barge to execute all terminal towage operations, including bunker barge assistance.The tug fleet, having commenced services as of April 1, consists of two Rotortugs, the RT Blackbeard and RT Raptor and two Stern Drives, SD Calypso and SD Junkanoo.last_img read more