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Quick review Breffo SpiderPodium and SpiderPodium Tablet

first_imgWhen a tablet or smartphone accessory is described as “universal”, it’s usually not very good. There’s just just too wide a difference between all the smartphones and tablets for many of the peripherals described as universal to be especially effective. For some, this is actually a deciding factor when thinking about switching to a new phone or tablet. If you already own five really neat cases for your iPhone, there is a good chance that those cases aren’t going to exist for an Android phone, for example.A stand for your phone is a little easier to make universal, but with so many out there you’ve got to make it seem different somehow. The people from Breffo wanted to do just that. With their unique design Breffo decided that the arachnophobes of the world would just have to suck it up if they wanted one of their SpiderPodium accessories for their phone or tablet, because there’s just no other way to describe this neat little gadget.Here is how they work: Each one of the SpiderPodium’s eight legs can completely articulate, but the legs are segmented into four sections to act as a sort of guide. It’s not a requirement that you bend the legs at these joints, but it seems to hold shape and structure better if you do. The top image should make everything pretty clear.Currently, there’s a small Spider and a large Spider. The large models are much thicker, capable of supporting just under two pounds before buckling, and can hold most 10-inch tablets with ease. The smaller ones are designed to hold phones, media players, and other tiny gadgets/accessories. These aren’t just for phones and tablets, either. You can use the SpiderPodium for just about anything–keys, headphones, a picture frame, documents you are working from, etc.The SpiderPodiums come in black, grey, and white for both of the sizes, and smaller units can be found in other colors if you look hard enough.For $10 for the small SpiderPodium, and $25 for the large, these little gadgets should be on everyone’s wishlist. SpiderPodiums are available online just about everywhere, and are durable enough that even if your friends and family are the type to attack spiders with violence, you can just bend it back into shape. Unless, of course, your phone is in it at the time.last_img read more