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British Triathlon powered by peanuts as Whole Earth confirms new sponsorship

first_img Related Whole Earth Foods has been announced as an Official Supplier to British Triathlon. The organic and natural peanut butter brand is seen as a natural fit for the national governing body for multisport in Britain as… ‘the high fibre [and] protein content are perfect for fuelling performance especially in endurance sports like triathlon.’The three-year deal will see Whole Earth support British triathletes ‘in their quest to be fuelled to achieve their personal triathlon challenge.’ Whole Earth will share insider tips on fuelling and nutrition, helping to inspire both experienced triathletes and newcomers to the world of triathlon.Triathletes have used peanut butter within their training regime for a number of years and it is regarded by some as a secret weapon pre-race and whilst competing. The quick, accessible snack has also been shown to aid the recovery process when consumed as part of a healthy diet and in combination with other sports nutrition products.Whole Earth notes that its peanut butter contains a significant level of protein, and in turn provides much needed amino acids to muscle.The relationship with national governing body British Triathlon comes at a key time for triathlon in Great Britain, where the sport continues to grow in both popularity and participation. With over 500 clubs and over 900 registered events around the country, there is a growing pool of talent and a wider opportunity to make a difference, helping improve athletes’ PBs and encouraging others to get involved.To mark the launch of the relationship with British Triathlon, Whole Earth is releasing a range of materials to help triathletes – from beginners to veterans – improve their PBs. The information will aim to motivate, educate and improve triathlon performance and general fitness across Britain.Going forwards, Whole Earth and British Triathlon will be releasing short films covering: what to eat, advice on how to tackle your first triathlon and some insider tips from Britain’s leading world-class triathletes.Zara Hyde Peters OBE, British Triathlon’s outgoing CEO, said “We’re hugely excited to be adding a household name like Whole Earth to our current sponsor family. With the sport of triathlon growing so rapidly, we believe that Whole Earth share our aim to support triathletes at all levels deliver their best performances, whilst adding real value in growing the sport’s profile and promoting excellence within the triathlon community.”Gill Hesketh, Marketing Director at Whole Earth Foods said “We believe that there is a link between eating good, natural foods and sporting success. To be involved with triathlon, where participation is growing and standards are improving, we see it as our role, using our product to make a difference. Through our product, our advice and our passion for the sport, we can help beat PBs and help continue the increasing success of the sport.”Whole Earth Foods was founded in 1967 by Craig Sams and his brother Gregory to bring natural foods to consumers as they believed such products are ‘better for body and planet’. The brothers created Whole Earth, pioneering the production of organic and natural foods. These products ‘were made available to a wider market for those who wanted to eat healthy, tasty food and also cared about the planet.’www.wholeearthfoods.comwww.britishtriathlon.orglast_img read more

New psychology research sheds light on motivations to engage in infidelity

first_imgShare Share on Facebook LinkedIn “However, until now we hadn’t had access to a population that was specifically using an online website for that behavior. After publishing some previous work on motivations to engage in infidelity, the opportunity to collect data from a sample of folks currently seeking an extradyadic partner presented itself, and we jumped at the chance.”In the study, 545 members of AshleyMadison.com, a popular website for those interested in having extra-marital affairs, completed a brief anonymous online survey regarding their motivations to engage in infidelity and other factors. The majority of the participants (81%) reported they were male and the average age was 48.89 years.Unsurprisingly, those who indicated that their primary partner did not adequately meet their needs were more likely to report seeking a secondary partner because they had “fallen out of love.”“One of the things that we found to be most prevalent in the data was that the secondary partner (or ‘the other woman/man’) was not as big of an influence or motivation to cheat as the ‘real world’ might lead us to believe. The biggest influence/motivation to cheat was dissatisfaction in the primary relationship, especially for males. However, greater sociosexuality (i.e., more comfort with casual sex) was very influential for both males and females,” the researchers told PsyPost.The researchers found that participants who were younger and had greater Christian identification were more likely to report seeking an affair to “get back” at their steady partner.Women and those who reported lower relationship satisfaction were more likely to report an interest in infidelity because they felt neglected. Participants who were pursuing a secondary partner because they wanted more frequent sex tended to be male, have an unrestricted sociosexual orientation, greater Christian identification, and less satisfaction with their primary partner.“We are both very interested in what happens next. For example, how does someone engage in infidelity and also attempt to continue the current primary relationship simultaneously? We expect to examine this behavior through cognitive dissonance theory, and are really interested in the magnitude of aversion that might be experienced, the dissonance reduction strategies that people might use, and whether they have to keep re-using those strategies over and over,” Hackathorn and Ashdown said.The researchers initially recruited 2,030 paying members of the website. However, 1,485 participants were excluded from the study because they were not using the website to cheat.“The AshleyMadison.com website is a dating website. Due to the hack that happened a couple of years ago, we began our study under the faulty assumption that it was a ‘cheating’ website — and of course some of that came from their slogan ‘Life is short, have an affair.’ How shocked were we to find out that a clear majority of the participants who completed our study were just in it for dating – not infidelity? Some of them were really angry about our assumption too,” Hackathorn and Ashdown said.The study, “The Webs We Weave: Predicting Infidelity Motivations and Extradyadic Relationship Satisfaction“, was published online on April 6, 2020. New research published in The Journal of Sex Research provides insights into factors associated with emotional and sexual motivations for infidelity. The findings indicate that one of the most consistent predictors is dissatisfaction with the primary partner.Satisfaction with the secondary “cheating” partner, on the other hand, is a less consistent predictor.“We have always been interested in the motivations to engage in infidelity,” said study authors Jana Hackathorn and Brien K. Ashdown, an associate professor at Murray State University and associate professor at Hobart & William Smith Colleges, respectively.center_img Email Share on Twitter Pinterestlast_img read more

Inilah Tiga Alasan Mengapa Singapura Layak Disebut Kota ‘Tercerdas’ di Dunia

first_img1. Warga yang lebih sehat berarti berada di kota yang juga sehatPemimpin kota menentukan dan membentuk masa depan layanan kesehatan yang pada akhirnya akan menentukan bagaimana kemakmuran kota itu sendiri dan warga yang tinggal di dalamnya. Di Singapura, pengembangan Healthcity Novena dengan rencana induk untuk kesehatan yang berfokus pada masyarakat di mana infrastruktur seperti trotoar pejalan kaki, tempat parkir bawah tanah dan ruang hijau terbuka ada untuk melengkapi dan memperbaiki pengalaman warga.2. Daerah yang nyaman adalah rumahDewan Pengembangan Perumahan atau Housing Development Board (HDB) Singapura menawarkan semua warga negara akses ke perumahan umum gratis. Selain itu, para pemimpin negara telah menciptakan perumahan publik yang lebih dari sekadar ruang apartemen dan itu juga membentang ke wilayah komunitas yang lebih besar dan mengintegrasikan tingkat kehidupan, keberlanjutan dan pertumbuhan. Lebih dari 80 persen populasi negara ini tinggal di perumahan umum, yang berarti penyediaan dan administrasi perumahan sangat penting bagi identitas dan karakter kota yang beragam seperti Singapura.Kepemimpinan negara tidak hanya mengintegrasikan prinsip-prinsip penting dari kemurahan hati masyarakat, membangun ikatan keluarga dan kerukunan ras, itu juga harus mempertimbangkan faktor pragmatis yang diperlukan untuk perumahan inklusif seperti perencanaan keuangan, alokasi dan asuransi.3. Mobilitas adalah pengalaman komunitas bersamaTransportasi sangat menentukan kualitas hidup penduduk di kota yang cerdas. Pada akhir Oktober, Land Transit Authority ( (LTA) kota memperluas area percontohan untuk kendaraan otonom (AV) yang mencakup seluruh Singapura barat. Para pemimpin kota telah menyadari bahwa untuk membangun tenaga kerja dan warga yang tangguh, mobilitas harus dirancang sedemikian rupa sehingga tidak hanya mencakup jarak perjalanan terakhir, tetapi juga yang memungkinkan setiap orang untuk berpartisipasi dalam apa yang ditawarkan kota.Di Singapura, LTA sedang membangun sistem infrastruktur transportasi di mana perjalanan sehari-hari dapat mengintegrasikan mode mobilitas aktif seperti berjalan dan bersepeda dengan layanan transportasi umum seperti angkutan cepat massal (MRT) dan bus. Inisiatif ‘Walk Cycle Ride’ menawarkan manfaat nasional yang mendorong ruang rekreasi yang lebih nyaman, mempromosikan penggunaan energi berkelanjutan dan mengurangi polusi. Dengan menerapkan teknologi canggih untuk mobilitas, kota ini memungkinkan warga untuk menjalani gaya hidup yang lebih aktif melalui transportasi yang nyaman dan hemat biaya.Baca juga: Pindai Kartu EZ-Link, Anda Bisa Dapatkan Peta Virtual MRT SingapuraPraktik-praktik ini menunjukkan seberapa banyak yang dapat dilakukan ketika para pemimpin kota fokus pada tata kelola yang kuat dan integrasi interaksi, kenyamanan, dan preferensi warga negara. Jika prinsip-prinsip ini diadaptasi dalam konteks geografis lain dan dipasangkan dengan jumlah investasi yang tepat, mungkin akan segera melihat daftar kota pintar yang berkembang di seluruh dunia. Mengubah cara di mana warga menghuni kota-kota mereka dengan memprioritaskan kesehatan dan mobilitas, pada gilirannya, akan meningkatkan potensi pertumbuhan kota-kota di dunia.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedTokyo, Beijing dan Singapura Mendapat Peringkat Tertinggi di Dunia Menjadi Kota Ramah Penumpang29/06/2020In “Bus dalam kota”Survei IHG: 77 Persen Pelancong Tidak Mengenal ‘Warna Sejati’ Destinasi Tujuan Wisata!23/12/2019In “Darat”Kolaborasi Volvo dan NTU, Singapura Sukses Uji Coba Bus ‘Besar’ Otonom Pertama di Dunia06/03/2019In “Bus dalam kota” Menurut survei yang diterbitkan oleh sekolah bisnis Swiss IMD dan Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapura adalah negara sekaligus kota paling cerdas di dunia. Hal ini dilihat dari seberapa baik kota tersebut mengadopsi teknologi digital dan meningkatkan kehidupan masyarakat yang tinggal di negara itu.Baca juga: Ekspansi Bisnis, Japan Railway East Buka Area Belanja di Stasiun Singapura Akhir 2019Dilansir KabarPenumpang.com dari weforum.org (14/11/2019), aspek keselamatan publik, mobilitas, tata kelola dan kesehatan menjadi tolak ukur kinerja kota-kota dalam mempertahankan ruang hijau, meningkatkan institusi lokal yang ada dan digitalisasi akses ke lapangan kerja. Meski tak ada definisi universal untuk kota pintar, ini adalah konsep yang dirancang pada saat munculnya internet of things (IoT). Ini ada tiga alasan mengapa Singapura lebih pintar dibanding kota di negara lainnya.last_img read more

Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl shot worth about $4M

first_imgOn March 5, 1997, Peyton Manning announced he would return for his senior season at Tennessee.He didn’t say it that day, but everyone knew the reason: He wanted to pursue a national championship.There were other objectives, of course. He coveted the Heisman Trophy. He wanted to beat Florida. But the biggest reason for his return was making a run at the national championship.He wound up going 0-for-3. But he had fun trying.Eighteen years later, Manning has made a similar call. He’s coming back for one more year with the Denver Broncos in pursuit of his second Super Bowl victory. It means a lot to him. How much? About $4 million.That’s the amount of the pay cut Manning took in order to return for his 18th NFL season. Instead of the $19 million he was scheduled to make, he’ll now have to find a way to scrape by on a paltry $15 million.To Manning, it’s worth it. This likely will be his last season and last shot. And he knows it.His rationale: If taking a pay cut frees up money that can help rebuild Denver’s offensive line, so be it. The Broncos aren’t going to make a Super Bowl run unless they do a better job of protecting Manning. If help weren’t on the way, he might as well have retired.Although Manning certainly has an ego (What great performer in any field doesn’t?), he’s long been recognized as a team player. Going back to his college days at UT, he has been unselfish. Individual honors took a backseat to the bigger picture.Now he’s taking one for the team.This is all about making one last run at the Super Bowl. Manning will turn 39 this season. He’s undergone four neck surgeries. He played the last couple of months of last season with a leg injury that affected the velocity and accuracy of his throws.At some point, Father Time blows the whistle. Manning is smart enough to know that day is coming.While this may not have been the result of a pay-cut-or-else mandate from Broncos president John Elway, it is clear that the team notified Manning it needed him to play for less than the $19 million he was due.Elway may very well have asked Manning to take a deeper pay cut. Manning may have drawn a line at $15 million. The two sides compromised and a deal was struck.It’s a generous move, although not unprecedented. Tom Brady renegotiated his contract to free up cash for the Patriots.But if you think this will start a trend, you’re nuts. NFL players know the clock is ticking and that they need to pocket as much as possible during a pretty narrow window. Once the window closes, cash flow dries up.It’s not uncommon for established players to renegotiate their contracts in order to create more room under the salary cap for their teams. In those situations, however, players are not actually taking pay cuts. In fact, they often benefit financially over the long haul.If Manning accomplishes what he hopes — a second Super Bowl ring — he’ll make up the $4 million shortfall with bonus money. His revised contract calls for a $2 million bonus if the Broncos reach the Super Bowl and $2 million more if they win it.In other words, he’s putting his money where his chinstrap is. He’s gambling on himself and his team.Besides, it’s not like he’ll be searching the bargain bins at Walmart for deals. Last year, Forbes listed his net worth at $165 million. He’s made a fortune double-dipping as a pitch man for such diverse products as Papa John’s pizza, Buick, Gatorade, Nationwide and DirecTV.In other words, wife Ashley and the kids won’t be holding any bake sales.David Climer’s columns appear on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Reach him at 615-259-8020 and on Twitter @DavidClimer.last_img read more