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Open enrollment for federal health insurance

first_imgEligibility for Advanced Premium Tax Credit Subsidies or APTCS is determined through the enrollment process at www.healthcare.gov. The state’s largest insurer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina has plans available in all 100 counties of the state.Outside the Open Enrollment period, North Carolinians who buy health insurance from Healthcare.gov under the ACA may enroll in an insurance plan only if they qualify for a special enrollment period due to life events, such as having or adopting a child, losing health coverage or moving to a different service area.To enroll in or change ACA health insurance policies for 2019, consumers may visit www.healthcare.gov.Also, consumer specialists within the N.C. Department of Insurance are available to answer any questions about health insurance during ACA Open Enrollment by calling 855.408.1212. Open Enrollment for the 2019 Federal Health Insurance Exchange begins Thursday, Nov. 1 and runs through Dec. 15 for coverage to start Jan. 1, 2019.last_img read more

Despite Recession, More Than 50% of Marketers Increase Spending on Social Media

first_imgIt’s also easier for firms to increase spending on social media applications because they aren’t yet formalized line items in marketing budgets. Because of their relatively new and still somewhat experimental nature, marketers aren’t necessarily predetermining the exact amount they’ll spend on these types of applications. Instead, some marketers (45%) pull together funding for social media projects as needed while others (23%) scrape together funds from wherever possible to pay for their various social media efforts. Yet despite the unconventional methods which are used to fund many companies’ social media investments, 53% of marketers believe they will increase their spending on these initiatives over the next six months. Another 42% expect their investments to remain the same. That makes sense since almost all marketers surveyed were already using some form of social media, whether blogs, social networking sites, or user-generated content. 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now sarah perez Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Tags:#enterprise In a recession, budgets are tightened, jobs are cut, and those who remain are expected to do more with less. Given this type of economic reality, it’s surprising to hear of an industry reporting an increase in spending on anything, much less on something as new as social media. Yet that’s exactly what’s occurring. According to a new Forrester Research survey of 145 global interactive marketers in both B2B and B2C companies with more than 250 employees, the use of social media as a marketing tool is on the rise. What’s more, Forrester reports that over 50% of marketers said they will be increasing their spending on social media marketing in the coming months. Part of the reason for this increased spending is the low cost of social media tools. Compared with larger expenditures like advertising, social media requires much less investment. In fact, three-quarters of those surveyed who knew their budgets said they allowed for $100,000 or less for social media tools over a 12-month period. center_img Related Posts IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Unfortunately though, marketers who still fund social media projects only as experiments may be putting future initiatives on shaky ground. Without concentrating on measurable objectives, it will be difficult to justify further investment in the future. Businesses also need to understand that social media efforts should be analyzed for effectiveness based on things like customer awareness through activity, interest through interaction, and intent to buy through registration and/or questions. These are the types of successes that social media can deliver; less important are traditional web analytics like page views. Also key to long-term success in social media is having the necessary assets on hand. For example, social media strategists and community managers should be dedicated resources. To prove the value of social media to the business, Forrester recommends marketers start with a listening platform and then integrate social media marketing metrics like share of voice and engagement to demonstrate the value of these new tools. Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of…last_img read more

Tackling Information Overload in Industrial IoT Environments

first_imgImproved supply chain management – Use cloud-based applications with short message service (SMS) features to better coordinate and integrate workflow among key players. This blog was originally posted on March 25, 2015 on blogs.intel.com/IoT – click to viewFeeling inundated by too much industrial IoT data? Well, you’re not alone. According to an Economist Intelligence Unit report, most manufacturers are experiencing  information overload due to the increasing volume of data generated by automated processes.Senior factory executives in the United States and Europe were interviewed, and of those, 86 percent reported major increases in shop floor data collection over the past two years, while only 14 percent said they had no problems managing the overabundance of data. Despite challenges, two-thirds said data insights have led to annual quality and efficiency savings of 10 percent or more.Doing More with Industrial IoT DataWhat’s key is turning data from the entire production flow into actionable information that can help produce tangible benefits, including:Higher profitability – Increase yields, and reduce spares and energy usage by applying big data analytics to optimize your manufacturing flow. Better data handling – Automate the collection, aggregation, and analysis of massive amounts of factory data – upwards of 5 GB per machine per week – to improve decision making. Internet of Things Data AutomationThis can be done with solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) that can help you get the most out of sensor data and the associated analytical modeling. They collect, filter, and analyze data in more efficient and constructive ways.Still, a lot of useful information is locked away in production equipment. One IoT solution is to use an industrial PC with gateway functionality to tie IoT sensor networks together and put factory data into a more manageable form.Making this easier, Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series software runs an assortment of industrial and IoT workloads on a single platform. It’s a production-ready, virtualization software stack supporting real-time, embedded, and general-purpose operating systems, giving equipment suppliers a great deal of flexibility to include gateway, firewall, control, and other applications.center_img Faster time to market – Customize production flow in real time to more quickly satisfy customer requests. With this solution, multiple factory functions can all run on a single system, decreasing operating expense, factory footprint, energy consumption, and integration and support effort.The system consolidation software runs on a family of 4th generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processors that featureIntel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT). This combination delivers the computing performance needed to simultaneously host multiple instances of Wind River VxWorks* RTOS and Wind River Linux* 7.0, as well as one instance of Microsoft Windows* 7. Also included is McAfee Embedded Control* – a “deploy-and-forget” security solution with a small footprint and low overhead. Learn more about Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series software.__Stay up-to-date with Intel’s IoT developments—keep your eyes on this blog, our website, and on Facebook andTwitter.last_img read more

JPS Working to Get Power to Remaining 36,000 Customers

first_img ST ANN Clayground  to Bamboo, sections of Cardiff Hall and  James Hill, Sections of Flat Pointe to Llandovery, Chester, sections of Edge Hill Road, sections of Faith’s Pen, Rio Dairy Farm, Lime Hall to Clampsden, Green Park to Bamboo, Pearly Beach, Mystic Mountain, Shaw Park Gardens and surrounding areas, Cutlass Bay, Content Gardens, Mansfield, Cole Road, Rocky Hill, Dunns Hill ST MARY Corn Hill, Fontebelle, Days Mtn, Mason Hall, Look Out (Wentworth),  Coloraine, Rosend, Green Castle, Bonhan Spring, Upton, Exchange, Hand to Mouth, Spring Field, Windsor, White Spring, Wood Park, Farm Pen, Gayle Old Road, Russel Hall, Epsom, Islington, Whitehall, Robins Bay, Bacasswood, Freindship, Nutsfield, Green Castle, Hampstead WHERE JPS TEAMS ARE WORKING NOW On Wednesday, October 31, our teams will continue working to restore electricity in the areas listed below. It is important to note that, in the worst affected areas, the restoration work may take several days before the customers receive their power supply. KINGSTON & ST ANDREW Sections of Harbour View, St. Thomas Road, Caribbean Terrace, Port Royal, Morgans Harbour, section of Slipe Pen Rd and roads leading off, Lyndhurst Rd, Brentford Rd & Ivy Green Cres, Maxfield Avenue, Greenwich Farm,  Whitfield Town, Union Gardens, Darling Street, sections of Rennock Lodge, section of Water House, Victoria Avenue to East Queen Street and roads leading off, Seaward Pen, section of Molynes Road from Washington Boulevard to Four Roads, Seaward Drive, Olympic Way, York Avenue, Mahoe Drive, Maritime Institute, Tinson Pen, sections of Rockfort, Paradise Street, Cane River Road and roads leading off, Fletchers Land, Love Lane, Caledonia Avenue, Riverton Meadows, Chalmers Avenue, Roxborough, Seaview Gardens JPS is reporting that it has significantly reduced the number of customers without power in the last two days. About 24,000 customers were brought onto the grid since Monday, leaving approximately 36,000 customers without power at the end of restoration efforts Tuesday night.The majority of these customers are in the parishes of Portland and St Mary, where JPS faces challenges of access and extensive damage to its infrastructure. The Company has redeployed several teams to these parishes to fast track the restoration efforts. At the same time, JPS says it is also focusing on getting power to the multiple pockets of customers who are without service although the main power lines in their communities have already been energized. This includes sections of the corporate area affected by damage to the smaller distribution lines.center_img ST THOMAS Port Morant  – Quaw Hill,  Bath, Port Morant, Aelos Valley, South Haven, Easington to Windsor Forest PORTLAND Shrewsbury, Cooling Spring, Content, Paradise, Woodstock, Hart Hill, Windsor Castle, Dover, New Eden, Ythanside, Mt Pleasant, West End, Fellowship, Windsor, Stanton, River View, Seaman’s Valley, Moore Town, San San, Blue Hole, Fair Prospect, Boston, Fairy Hill, Manchioneal Contact:  Winsome Callum – 878-3740last_img read more

Contribution to the 2013/2014 Sectoral Debate by State Minister, the Hon. Jessica Ffolkes Abrahams, M.P.

first_imgMr. Speaker, the theme of my presentation, “Restoring the Hope – Building Entrepreneurs”, is based on Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. This theme is supportive of the overall thrust of the Government towards achieving transformational growth and recognizes, in particular, the tremendous potential entrepreneurship provides for a prosperous future.Mr. Speaker, as Member of Parliament I am accountable, first and foremost, to the constituents of West Central, St. James. I wish to thank them for voting for me and for supporting me. I wish specially to thank the Most Honourable Prime Minister for giving me the privilege and reposing the confidence in me to be part of this noble government and for being an example to me and to the nation of a caring, responsible and inspiring leader. I would also like to thank you Mr. Speaker, for your dutiful command as Speaker of the House.I would like to thank the Honourable Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce for his guidance and leadership over the ministry. I know that the vision that he has for Jamaica to become the 4th node in the global logistics hub will come to pass and that he is working assiduously to see it materialize. I have every confidence that under his able leadership, we will attain that goal.I thank the People’s National Party and my colleagues for their support and encouragement, and in particular, my counselors Michael Troupe and Avery Rosegreen, the Region 6 chairman D. K. Duncan, chairman Gordon Baldie and the constituency secretary Juraney Quarrie, the executive of the constituency, my constituency staff, Shiwi, Denise, Patrick Rosegreen, Dave Allen my CDF consultant, my driver J.C., my security and my staff at the ministry, Nora Blake and my secretary. I want to make special mention of the PNP’s Women’s Movement and their hard work for this nation. Many of them are the unsung heroes. They need to be recognized.Most of all, I would like to thank my husband Peter for his unfailing love and support and my children Leah, Stephanie and Matthew for allowing me to serve, my parents Greta and Eugene Ffolkes, my brother Eugene Anthony and my sister Suzanne and her husband Peter and family.My pastors, bishops, my church family here, and in the Diaspora, for their support and prayers. God has kept me, blessed me and empowered me to do the work that I do. To Him be all the glory.Road RepairsMr. Speaker, I report on my constituency.Repairs to major roads and drains have been carried out on Long Hill Road, Bogue Hill Road and the Granville to Gutters Main Road. These roads have been in need of repair, some for up to 18 years. I wish to thank Minister Richard Azan for his assistance on these roads.J.E.E.PMr. Speaker, under the J.E.E.P programme between phases one and two we have spent some $35 million on various projects in Spring Gardens, Mount Salem, and Granville communities. These projects involved patching and repairing of roads, bushing, and the cleaning of drains. Repairs were done on the Catherine Mount Road, Mt. Salem Main Road, and Barnett View Heights, Jarrett Terrace, Pheonix Ave, Catherine Drive, Rhynie Drive, Moy Hall, Tower Hill, Bayview Drive, Granville Drive, Gunns Drive and Gordon Crescent. U drains were constructed at Crawford Street and Clarke Streets and a main drain was constructed on Granville Drive. Repairs were done to the community centre and basic school at Gutters where the roof was leaking and badly in need of repairs. In addition, drain cleaning was carried out in Catherine Hall as part of disaster mitigation efforts. We also restored the badly damaged retaining walls on the Long Hill Road and on the Bogue Hill Road contributing to road safety on the busy thoroughfares of St. James.I would like to report, Mr. Speaker, that some 700 persons were employed in the constituency through JEEP Phases 1 and 2…READ MOREDownload Contribution to the 2013/2014 Sectoral Debate by State Minister, the Hon. Jessica Ffolkes Abrahams, M.P.last_img read more