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Cubify announces line of 3Dprinted toy robots

first_imgIf you talk to any of the companies responsible for the growing 3D printer industry, each of them will tell you the same end goal — these guys want to put a 3D printer in every home. The idea is fantastic for many reasons, but the biggest hurdle is offering a context. Manufacturers have to be able to show people why they would want a 3D printer and how they would wind up using it. 3D printers are able to make all sorts of things, and the guys making the machines are expanding the possibilities daily, but there needs to be a base use case to convince the consumer that they need to have one in their home. Cubify has been approaching this solution by offering different ways in which children would interact with their 3D printers. The latest of these maneuvers is their new line of 3D printed robots.What in the world would be cooler to a child than being able to design and build their own toys? They can choose from a template, select what colors they want, and then watch as their 3D printer builds them their vary own custom toy. The robot range on the Cubify website offers exactly that. You can pick whatever robot you want from the website, purchase the template for $0.99, and your Cubify printer will have everything it needs to print your new toy right then and there.Once you have the template, you can print as many as you like. If you don’t have a Cubify, you can purchase the robots themselves for about $7 and have them shipped to you. Cubify offers several different robots in this series, and the individual parts to the robots in the series are interchangeable.Context like this is exactly the kind of thing 3D printers need in order to become household items. For those of us who know that we can simply create a 3D object using any of a dozen pieces of software and sent it to the printer, 3D printers are already incredibly cool. In order for the average consumer to get it, there needs to be a database of items that the user can pick and watch as that item simply materializes in front of them. Once they get the concept, they can move into making things on their own, and the 3D printing concept takes hold.Take a look at the Cubify robot range and other templates here.last_img read more