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EnemyGraph lets you list your Facebook enemies

first_imgApparently, Facebook is too friendly for some users: You may “Like” something, but you can’t “Dislike” it; you may join a group to show support, but you can’t directly oppose a group (without creating another group). Well, negative Nancys and Debbie Downers may have finally found the Facebook app to expend all that pent-up hatred—EnemyGraph.The basic premise of EnemyGraph is to connect people based on their dislikes. Based on the 3 million people behind a petition for a “Disklike” button, there is a market for this app. But as nice as it may be to publicly share your dislike of fake tans and find out who else shares your feelings on the matter, there might also be potential to create discord amongst friends (who may like their fake tan).Dean Terry, the creator of EnemyGraph, said in a blog post that the app helps “point out a difference you have with a friend and offer it up for conversation.” Since most users who are friends on Facebook at least know one another there could be potential for more civilized discussion than, say, in a forum where you have no connections to anyone.Within this free Facebook app users can choose from various categories, preexisting pages, groups, and even other Facebook users to designate as your “enemies.” Currently, the top enemies consist of such people and things as Justin Beiber, Internet Explorer, Daleks, and PETA. To keep track of what “enemies” are trending, EnemyGraph created a handy “trending” and “top” categories on its website in case you’re curious.As of this posting, the app still has a few kinks to work out (on the technical end): Certain features take time to load, or don’t load at all, and various buttons aren’t active or are broken.More at EnemyGraph, via BGRlast_img read more