Nanchuan park business innovation service measures to improve service efficiency

Industrial and Commercial Bureau Nanchuan Industrial Park Branch to key projects docking services and enterprise daily registration as the focal point, to the "efficient, fast, interactive, service" for the purpose, actively serve the economic development of the park.

branch of Nanchuan Industrial Park Based on strengthening enterprise registration window cadre team construction and the use of civilized law enforcement terms, formulated the "disposable inform system, approval system and service measures, greatly shorten the processing time. At the same time, according to the specific circumstances of the project to develop a special sort of docking, the application for registration of enterprises early intervention, active service, to help enterprises timely and successful completion of the registration approval. The morning of March 5th this year, the enterprise registration window to a village Qinghe Village totalzhai Zhen, he organized 8 villagers for the establishment of rural cooperatives, to apply for business license, they had reached a verbal agreement with foreign businessmen selling 25 thousand kilos of beans, second days to sign a written contract of purchase and sale, because time is tight, and not know how to do the formalities. The staff understand the situation, explain in detail according to procedures, helped draft the rural professional cooperative association, after examination, less than an hour on the business license issued to him. The villagers said: "thank you very much, not your help, our business is yellow." Qinghai Tibetan sheep carpets co. ltd intends to set up the international Tibetan Sheep Group Co. Ltd., the project investment, time tight, is one of the key projects in the first half of the Nanchuan industrial park. The enterprise application, branch staff to give up holidays, immediately take the relevant personnel to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for the relevant approval procedures, only three days, making the "Tibetan sheep international carpet base Limited by Share Ltd name approval procedures.

According to

statistics, as of now, branch handled all types of market players registered 265, the registered capital of 1 billion 624 million yuan, registered 45 times change in all kinds of enterprises, the reservation service 51 times, help for the crown province name enterprise name 4, guide service 31 times.


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