School recruit students to return to his alma mater to find talent

every year after September, are the peak of the new college students job hunting. This year, the recruitment of colleges and universities in the campus, there have been a lot of create off figure, just out of the campus before they go back to their alma mater, the purpose is to grab talent.

now is the season of College Students’ employment. Today, in the Hunan economic and trade safety technology Career Academy organized the talent recruitment, graduates more than success, have returned to his alma mater to grab talent.

"I know the alma mater of cultural and professional advantages, coupled with the alumnus foundation, these" faces "better management."   Xie Undok said, and my juniors communicate each other feel very cordial, the signing of the success rate also improved a lot. Like Xie Ende, in the recruitment site, Shenzhen Electric Co., Ltd. chairman He Xuelin, a Shenzhen Intelligent System Co Ltd chairman Tan Shi, the school more than previous graduates, both with a number of positions to return to his alma mater to grab talent.

to encourage college students to participate in the business, one is to use the business instead of employment, so as to effectively reduce the getting better every year of employment pressure; on the other hand also hope to generate more business, more jobs, promote future employment market development. Achieve a virtuous cycle.

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