Why now the home textile brand can attract so many people

is now in the textile industry is also generally like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in the twinkling of an eye showing, a vibrant Punta Pitt momentum, now all of us together to explore why the textile industry attracted so much attention of consumers and franchisees.

if the analysis from the prospect of the industry and market economy, perhaps we can see more evidence, the textile industry is a tempting gold deposit.

and haomenglai textile insisted on price, keep the price unchanged, compressed water, so that consumers can afford, let dealers profitable. What is a good dream? The integration of long-term formation of the advantage, because it is good to dream is the earliest in the production and management of textile products export enterprises, good quality, good design, large scale, as early as 1993, haomenglai nationwide sales exceeded 100 million yuan, became one of the 500 private enterprises Chinese largest; the Spring Festival in 1993, haomenglai in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, 100 and one hundred store sales Jiebai, queuing up to buy, sales are booming, become a greater influence in the national brand.


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