A 50 year old waitress with two lead for two dead and another injured people sigh

in migrant workers, exist in the relationship a secret, male men and women to escape lonely life formed a temporary wife. A 50 year old waitress with two but has a passion, and resulted in two deaths.

Forest industry, food processing enterprises

50 year old Zhang Xia has been working in Hulin, although the youth, but she also has two lovers — Wang Jia and Li Yi, they like her hard work, met at work, formed a temporary wife". The two lover Zhang Xia not only know each other, even three people flat-share room, living together, live a waitress with two days ".

2015 in October, Zhang Xia met a new lover, Zhao Bing, said nothing with Li B, put forward to break up. Li Yi was so angry that he called Zhang Xia, but was scolded. Zhang Xia said some unfeeling words, and later sent a text message to say "kill him". Li Yiyan did not take this tone, decided to start strong". At noon on November 5, 2015, was ejected from the "home" Li Yi drank a lot of wine, from the market to buy a pig knife, went straight to Zhang Xia’s apartment. A door and saw a man lying in bed, he speculated that this might be Zhao Bing, brandished a knife to bed a hackle. The man is not Zhao Bing, but to sleep on Wang Song of life. Kill people, out of gas, Li Yi did not escape, but keep the bodies of Zhang Xia back then.

at this time, Wang Jia begged Li Yi to let Zhang Xia’s life, he will continue to live together with Zhang Xia. Li Yi hesitate, let Zhang Xia turn and walk away, the king of a weeping, call the police calls. Hulin police rushed to the scene, Zhao Binghe sleeping man has died, Zhang Xia rescued from the danger, and told the police about the case. 7 hours later, Li Yi was arrested.

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