On the development of maritime trade from the perspective of the throughput of Quanzhou port

In our life, the coastal port city of

has multiple traffic advantages, which provides a more convenient transportation for the development of economy. The ancient port of Quanzhou called "Erythrina port", is China ancient maritime Silk Road starting point, song and Yuan Dynasties, known as the "Oriental first port". October 31st, the reporter learned from the Quanzhou port authority, since 2012, Quanzhou port cargo throughput has been broken for four consecutive years.

port of Quanzhou is in the center of Shanghai port to the port of Guangzhou, composed of Xiaocuo port, Quanzhou port, bucket tail bay port, Shenhu Bay Port and Weitou bay port, port resources superiority, the coastline of 541 km, is one of the three major ports in Fujian province. This is a port in the song and Yuan Dynasties in Quanzhou to bring the "ordinary people all", "up the sound of the sea in international business prosperity, is the medieval world famous Traveler Marco Polo known as" the world’s largest port, along with the Alexandria of egypt. The Ming Dynasty, the great navigator Zheng He fifth voyage from the port of Quanzhou, Quanzhou ceramics, tea and other places along the Sea Silk Road products are exported to all over the world.

these years, with the Fujian integrated refining, heavy oil processing, Nanpu power plant, Fuhai grain, Hongshan thermoelectricity, nine dragons with a large number of projects on the deepwater port have put into operation, Quanzhou demand for crude oil, coal, steel and other resources is increasing, the bulk of goods from the port of Quanzhou frequent goods the throughput from 1 million 10 thousand tons in 1990 start, to 2015 has reached 122 million 412 thousand and 100 tons, an average annual growth rate of 21.15%; from 1990 130 TEU Container started, to 2015 reached 2 million 15 thousand and 100 TEUs, an annual growth rate of 47.1%.

the development of sea trade prosperity from the throughput of Quanzhou port, with the reform and opening up, we opened their doors, for the development of maritime trade has made remarkable achievements, its huge data is a strong proof. According to Chinese port statistics show that Quanzhou port container throughput ranked fourteenth in the country’s major coastal ports, cargo throughput ranked the country’s major coastal ports in the top nineteenth.

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