Hen egg laying in the new year, said the owner of a good omen

the first day of the new year, Xinjiang house in the new year’s hen eggs in the egg, the egg is 3 times larger than the general double egg. The hen’s owner believes this is a good sign.

2016 New Year’s day, a hen laid egg is 3 times larger than the average weight of 121 grams, the egg, the egg in which actually also wrapped in a whole egg. The owner of the hen was born in the year of the monkey, the year of fate she believes that this is an egg laying hens in the new year good omen.

1 on the morning of 3 am, Xinjiang County, Yanqi, north of the township canal north village group of villagers red cloud to reporters saw the eggs in the egg. The egg is about 9 cm long, width of about 6 cm, the skin is not the same as ordinary eggs, broken eggshell, wrapped in the egg yolk is only a shell egg, the size is larger than ordinary eggs.

1 the morning of 1 August 12, the chickens began to call, red cloud rushed out to reach the egg, but the immediate scene let her stay in the henhouse, actually had a huge egg broken shell, egg white and yolk outflow, and soft shell middle package a complete egg, the hen was pecking the egg.

she quickly put the egg back to the house, also photographed a brother in Korla, we looked after very surprised, said he had never seen such a big egg.

"after retirement has been feeding chickens, is also not seen such a big duck’s egg, and egg in egg. I was born in the year of the monkey, this year is the year of fate, everyone says that the first day of the new year with this curious thing, is certainly a good sign." Yun Hong told reporters.

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