How to run a special clothing store

a lot of entrepreneurs in the business time is from the beginning of the apparel industry, easy to cut, but the clothing store is definitely not what simple things, clothing as the necessities of life, there is a great demand in the market. All kinds of clothing brands in the demand of the masses have emerged, to the vast number of consumers with more choices. With the increasing trend of social trends, all kinds of characteristics of clothing in our lives, won the consumer favorite. Open home specialty clothing stores, should pay attention to what issues.

1. stores the image of a good image of the store allows customers to cause concern, Lenovo, the image of investment money, earn money market, the benefit of excellent shops, as can be imagined; commodity management is always the theme, is the survival and development of the theme of the shop, a good store image, excellent products, plus good service image that can rapidly increase the desire of consumers to buy.

2. store service is fully meet the needs of consumers. Undoubtedly, the characteristics of the service has become the focus of your target customers, in-depth investigation of the target consumers, your goal should be to create your customers shop overall turnover of 80% consumer groups, consumer groups identified and carefully designed for pre-sale, sale, customer service service, with one hour for division, improve the efficiency of the service can change a personal understanding of your products.

3. stores the order everyone has their own preferences and interests, but it should be clear that the franchisee is in our retail business, good product market, consumers talk talk, thus not only their own ideas, forget us in doing business! Learn to be a buyer, cultivate their awareness of the future market will be the buyer market, a successful buyer must have three abilities: see paragraph, integration and control orders, only continue to develop their own ability to order, to long-term development in the market.

4. store location in the next 3 to 10 years, the apparel industry development trend is on the rise, how to choose the store is a key. Good location selection is the first and most need to pay attention to the factors of the store development process, site selection errors will lead directly to the shop operation and the low efficiency of investment losses. When people accept things, they tend to accept only the information of the market, and the second information is often ignored. So we need to seize the market first principle, open shop in a small city, with the view of the city to a small place open shop, the shop opened in the target market is the most obvious location. In addition, the big city flagship store or a street shop, in the target market for the high density multi store settings in which quickly spread market potential, self-made advertising effect, also conducive to continuous and sustained development of the market.

5. store layout general store layout should pay attention to the following factors: three space, store store layout points, store positioning and brand positioning, store path, stores and stores, stores genuine promotion recommendation

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