Hangzhou efforts to build a global innovation center nternet plus innovation

Internet service industry is becoming increasingly hot, but also created more young people to join the tide of Internet entrepreneurship. Hangzhou city is to create a global influence "Internet plus" center for innovation and entrepreneurship.

2015 in August 25th, the State Council formally approved the Hangzhou national high tech Zone to build national innovation demonstration zone. This is after Beijing Zhongguancun, Wuhan East Lake, Shanghai Zhangjiang, the State Council approved the Tenth National Innovation Demonstration zone.

Hangzhou is a famous city of history and culture, but also the city of innovative vitality. "Internet plus" era, Hangzhou is a dream city, burst out of the infinite vitality and entrepreneurial innovation mass. According to the regional planning and construction of a national innovation oriented city in the Yangtze River Delta region, the city is building a global influence "Internet plus" center for innovation as the goal, to accelerate the development of a base of four centers "and" beautiful Chinese "pilot area for construction in order to drive innovation, active in cross-border e-commerce, technology and finance binding, use and protection of intellectual property rights, talent agglomeration, integration of informatization and industrialization, the Internet business innovation and other aspects of a pilot, and strive to build an innovation driven transformation and upgrading demonstration area, Internet public business gathering area, the first area of reform of system of science and technology, the global e-commerce information to lead the region and the international economic competition in pilot area, set up the sample for the national" public entrepreneurship, innovation ", providing a model for promoting the overall innovation in science and technology innovation as the core.

actively explore to allow innovation to lead the development of the first driving force

has been in Hangzhou, are active explorers of the reform and opening up and daring practitioners, experimental field of reform and innovation of private economy "". Over the past 30 years, under the condition of insufficient resources, the private economy, the new economic development and independent innovation have been created. In the slow recovery of the global economy, the rapid growth of domestic economic growth into a new trend of rapid growth, innovation, but also lead the development of the first driving force.

construction of national innovation demonstration zone in Hangzhou, Hangzhou is an inevitable choice for the implementation of innovation driven development strategy. In the approved national innovation demonstration zone, "on the promotion of Hangzhou National Innovation Demonstration Zone Construction of a number of opinions", "Hangzhou" innovation new paradise "action plan", "on the development of public record space promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovative views" and other documents have been issued, to boost the innovation and development of Hangzhou. While being prepared in the "Hangzhou National Innovation Demonstration Zone Development Plan (2015-2020)", is for the construction of Hangzhou innovation demonstration zone from the top-level design, clear objectives, planning framework, set up a step. In such entrepreneurial ecology, Hangzhou not only to "city of angels", with a global influence of the "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship center is on the rise.

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