do not have a female entrepreneurs business is good business

with the development of society, entrepreneurship is no longer just a man thing, women can do business. Most of the female entrepreneurs are not the kind of rational man, but in the face of real things like, women are mostly want to try one.

Compared with

men and women zhengjianghaoqing, more peaceful state of mind, and can also accept business will be subjected or trivial. To maintain a good attitude is a major advantage of women entrepreneurs. Most women will experience "idea of career and love".

1996 in the Changsha Huang Xing Road Pedestrian Street appeared a named Huanhuan wonderful shoe shop (guizhibu predecessor), more than and 20 square meters, clothes, shoes and hats, issuing what to buy. This is the starting point of Zheng Jing entrepreneurial dream.

"is later found to store enough features. So I decided to take a small and delicate Road, the shoes." The effect of the shop after that Zheng Jing wanted to make only superficial changes, also did not expect. After the conversion became a landscape on the Huang Xing road. I have a beautiful courtyard designers design, from the use of the design of the shelf to break the normal procedure of color. When others are still using glass frame, dark wood, aluminum alloy, we used a new material to do the decoration of the pink."

for women entrepreneurship suggestion: choose their own industry, clothing and footwear is especially suitable for women entrepreneurship. Shop is a very specific thing, from the purchase to the sale, it is a waste of energy, the need for peace of mind. Every day, the retail class to reflect the information of the customer is very complex, the need for a structured one to deal with.


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