How much do you know about the cost of opening a shop

want to open a store, the cost of the problem is the first consideration, which has a trivial cost calculation problem, each can be missing. Understanding of this area is not thorough enough to make up a friend and Xiaobian together.

1. risk mortgage. The cost is mainly to protect the interests of consumers and the establishment of the cost. With the amount of sales of commercial products and the different levels of different levels, that is, once the operator confirmed that the quality of the product sales problems, the first payment to the consumer market. If there is no similar situation in the business process, when the operator to withdraw from the cabinet, the cost is refundable.

2. publicity expenses. Because now market competition intensified, to put it bluntly, most malls completely rely on promotional activities, stimulate consumption, to seize the market, so the cost has become a project business right and proper charge, usually for indefinite periods of time, the cost is not high, mainly used to print MD and other promotional methods.

3. shopping guide clothing deposit. Relatively regular shopping malls, unified clothing, neckties, badges, this cost is paid into the store before the one-time.

4. miscellaneous charges. This cost is different because of different shopping malls, there is no universal. I once heard a friend say, a large electronics store, in addition to the above costs, for summer cooling costs, in fact, then there is nothing more than the names changed to raise the rent. This kind of cost, if the shopping malls and management departments have strong relationship, can be reduced.

Menlian shop, can in fact be subdivided, opened in the street, there are numerous moves in common on the streets. But the mall is different, in the form of rent, housing as a fundamental, because operators can not enter the sales landlord’s pockets, so there can be no upside down in this form, only a fixed monthly rent paid in advance, and pay a few (the one-time buy off except).

In addition to the

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