Excellent sales staff have these capabilities

salesman seems everyone can do, but not everyone can do well, the job pressure is very large. Want to be a good salesman, it is necessary to pay more than twice or even several times the effort. You must first have four abilities:

The first is to do:

The main work is

if this "live" is issued by the business manager of the sales task at a specified time, then the clerk you no matter what measures should reach. The means may be forced to customers, customers may be tracking the whereabouts of every day, there may be risked losing a single threat at a call to the customer’s home, in short, the business manager of instruction must be executed, uncompromised execute. This is a good salesman in the eyes of the manager, is to do their duty.

if this "live" is in the Department for monthly sales champion, so although you overfulfilled the business manager of sales department, but in order to honor, you have endless mining customer resources, for the early signing of the Department to increase sales, in addition to your new colleague who is also with the Department came to visit customers, whether you use the way of "drink over customers" to check, or take the "coercion" receipt of cash (the premise is in good faith), in short, to fight for the honour of the department!

if this "live" is for a customer does have the intention of signing it has not, then can only prove that you have not reached the best communication with customers, then to deal with girlfriend (boyfriend) means to deal with this customer, he (she) you must have with you willingly sign, sign the bill even after they voluntarily introduce additional prospective customers to contact you. Some salesman asks the customer to go to the cinema, please go to a disco, please go to dinner. When the customer’s birthday, give him (her) a cheap yet exquisite small gifts (at least to give the customer the most pleasant surprise, this one can say that you have already signed a half and so on) means can be used.   >

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