High end brand clothing store location skills

public clothing requirements more and more stringent, demanding, brand selection also has a certain degree of screening, they will choose to go to some shopping malls, rather than the wholesale market. So how to choose the high-end brand clothing store to meet the needs of target customers?

1, target customer intensive place

As the saying goes:

2, the focus of local business operations.

not survive in the competition, is killed in the competition, but death is not us, because we are on your side. In the choice of such a position, for their weakness, we show the killer, competition will eliminate a number of people.

3, office or public institutions concentrated focus.

choose such a place and the first method have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, work in these places people relatively higher income, but also the requirements of the quality of life is very high, they have more leisure time, so it is difficult to provide us with the opportunity.

The high-end brand clothing store operators to join in

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