Do image consultants can make money

now no matter what kind of investment to do a business, for entrepreneurs who only really can make money on the business opportunity is considered a good opportunity. So, do image consultants can make money? Let Xiaobian bring you to know before.

image consultant 10493 Greentown

reporter recently found in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other popular private image consultant is popular music. More and more people, especially young white-collar workers, spared no expense to "beautiful".

"image design" is derived from the concept of stage art, was later used by the fashion industry to model the hair, makeup, clothing, the overall portfolio. Image design industry initially mostly star, political leaders, successful entrepreneurs and other groups of services, and later gradually serve the general public.

today, from the star shape for ordinary people to dress up, the private image consultant from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou quickly big city such as a road to fame in Zhengzhou.

according to insiders, the beginning of 2001, only to provide a specialized personal image consultant for a small number of high-income class echo color studio in the famous international is Hong upstairs. The second half of last year, a similar image consulting company in Zhengzhou city more and more, such as the beautiful life Image Consulting Co. Ltd. and Yang Fan image consultant studio, Han really image consultant Co. Ltd., Kevin other institutions, contmp image studio, visual studio, color makeup studio snna.

they are more scattered in the Cultural Road, 27 North Road, the three road, Huayuan Road and all other sections of the office or the mall. The company’s private image consultant is more popular in a word of mouth in a small range of sought after.

Actively participate in the

mall, to "fan the flames" role in the popularization of the markets. Not long ago, the Kevin Jimmy studio, please other institutions four institutions for image consultant to go shopping for consumers with image consultation, accompany the purchase activities, by customers, the scene is very hot. It is understood that other shopping malls in Zhengzhou have similar activities planned.

two days service =1 monthly salary


consumers whether to join? Reporter conducted a random survey. A female college student said: "the face of intense competition in employment pressure, the image is certainly very important, but to spend two thousand or three thousand yuan to do the overall image design, I do not expect to do, a few hundred dollars can be accepted." A private owners are interested in: "as long as we can on my dress is obviously improved, really make people feel a harvest, the money is not a problem."

8 on the morning of 23, the reporter in the culture on the road, an image consulting studio

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