Wuhan three college students to join the venture to get a successful venture capital

current society, college students become the main source of vitality in the new army. This year, a Wuhan three students to start a successful business, and get millions of venture capital, proved that the level of education has nothing to do with entrepreneurship.

2011, Liu Weiping graduated. He wants to accumulate some experience and start his own business. In early 2015, Liu Weiping recruited 2 IT R & D and technical personnel, laboratory project officially promoted. "Experiment" is a scientific research workers to provide "budget, procurement, settlement, communication, literature and other functions of the integration of APP software, the product line has stable performance, fast delivery, commodity prices decreased by 20%, convenient and accurate information of commodity procurement and other five major advantages. For the road show to prepare the process, prompting Liu Weiping constantly reflect on, sort out.

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