Open clothing store location notes

in today’s economic conditions continue to improve, people with money to wear, their pursuit of high quality, the pursuit of fashion and individuality, the huge market demand formed, bringing a good environment for the business enterprise. Thus, a clothing store is still very profitable. However, to ensure the smooth operation of the store in the future, businesses in the shop site, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of issues, specifically what aspects? Take a look at the following introduction.

1, the determination of the retail area

One of the most important work is to understand how

decided to store shops around the environment, namely the surrounding district investigation. Retail demand for different values of different, even the same format in different values on the choice of different city will also have very big difference, so get to know a city business district from the beginning, understand the distribution of the city district, so as to find the most suitable for their own retail shop. The so-called circle analysis, structure, characteristics, business to business scope of radiation and influence factors of district development field investigation and sharing, to determine the specific location of the store, the adjustment can provide strong theoretical basis for reference.

2, street investigation

good looks like nutrient rich soil, a successful store location is a tree, with the passage of time will fully absorb all the nutrients in the District, the store of towering trees, let the store do succeed, thrive. But the range of values often radiation greatly, what should a decisive factor in choosing what street in the business district on the shop is a retail location, location difference, will lead to a lot of performance. The choice of street often depends on a number of factors, such as the number of people, the distribution of existing business institutions, the direction of traffic, etc..

3, passenger flow law

flow rule evaluation is the first point of the shop, the same number of people in different regions, different factors for flow direction, target, period, have different influence on the location. In the commercial concentration of the downtown area of the purpose of the general purpose of the purchase of goods for the mainstream, or with the purchase of goods related to the tour, for the future to do the preparatory preparation. Sometimes, the density of the population, occupation distribution, income, age is also the main factor affecting the purchasing power and purchasing habits, must be considered together.

4, site conditions, urban planning and legal conditions


includes the hardware conditions of the commercial building where the shop is located, such as the area, the foundation, the depth, the orientation, the sunshine condition, the road connection, the slope and so on. Whether it is the opening of the new store or the transformation of the old store, we must check whether the city planning or construction of laws and regulations, special

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