Cowboy was the Xiamen Railway Police

in our life, beef is not only Hot pot inside the delicacy, strong cattle can provoke a big bear, but a good work, so some local farmers will raise some cattle to help them in their work, or to their own food. The following small for your fun said a "cowboy", 13-year-old children holding cattle fed grass, and this scene is only 50 meters from the railway. Yesterday, the "cowboy" to the Xiamen Railway Police Department police patrol in a sweat.

10 month 31 days around 12 noon, Xiamen Railway Police Department police officer Chen Gutian site by line on the jurisdiction of the line inspections, just as he was about to fulfill the patrol work, appeared in front of the scene so that he was sweating forehead. Not far away, a head of cattle graze slowly, on the edge of the little slope sitting on a thirteen year old boy, only 50 meters from the railway. "If the train comes, the cow is frightened, the consequences are terrible." The police found a small oxherd alone, the cattle are not adult care, the degree of risk as can be imagined. He rushed to the "cowboy" away from the railway, send him home and cattle.

The original

, this "cowboy" is near the village cattle farmers uncle Yang’s grandson, parents working outside year round, is a typical left-behind children. Police said, coincides with the harvest season, Yang uncle busy farming, lunch the field together, let the 14 year old grandson of a person in the mountains to help cattle, the emergence of a police officer saw a breathtaking scene chen.

Chen police officers will be sent to the home of the child, the father of the sun on the railway safety publicity. Listen to Chen police say the consequences, uncle Yang also scared out in a cold sweat, said never let alone grandson cattle, also ensure that their cattle will be away from the railroad.

Chen said the police officer, this is his fall has been found in the railway line in the vicinity of second "cowboy", the day before the evening, there are three children in climbing the high-speed rail line fence.

in our lives, there are some places hidden danger, the child is not clear at an early age, but parents in the child out of time, the need for timely advice, so as to avoid the unfortunate thing. At the same time, Xiamen Railway Police Department to remind, maintain the safety of railway transportation is one of obligations, we should consciously love road, don’t do harm to the safety of the railway, found the destructive behavior, should be promptly stopped or report. No leap, climb, drill into the railway protective fence; no play, in high speed railway, sitting place, abandonment and throwing items; it is strictly prohibited to throw, throwing items of high speed train. Parents must take care of their children, and educate their children away from the railway.

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