The poor children as early as a farmer’s children to become rich nspirational Stories

Hong Jia

Jiaojiang Wang Qinglai (sound), less than ten years old, his father died, his mother’s hand will be hard up, due to poor families only less than two years he was forced to drop out of school primary school. Remember a child’s life, Wang Qinglai (sound) was said: "every day in the struggle for survival, eat breakfast, lunch, often do not know that there is no landing." Wang Qinglai (sound) told reporters that at the age of 10, he will be able to cut up the mountain, the river to catch fish, he knew the mother of a person is not easy to hold up the house.

"that poor children early masters." Wang Qinglai (sound) said, at the age of more than and 10, he has been on the outside and doing odd jobs to support home. Although he didn’t graduate from elementary school, he was very clever. Broken radio, broken TV in his hand soon after decomposition, was re pieced back together, and "resurrection". When he was 23 years old, he gave him the only tractor in the village. "When the director, do a family workshop, trying to make more money." Wang Qinglai (sound) told reporters, after his marriage owed $6000 in debt, the annual "three interest" was enough for him to earn in a year, he began to restless. "The tree is dead, the man moves to live, can’t live like this again, must break out." Wang Qinglai (sound) made up his mind.

Amoy to the life first bucket of gold

rolled blanket, carrying a large bag of their own processing buttons, 1989, Wang Qinglai (sound) to Yiwu to begin his career "into the market". "I just sold the processed buttons to Yiwu, and now I sell them in Yiwu." Wang Qinglai (sound) told reporters, the day he set up a stall selling buttons, evening and wife crowded in the cloudy and wet room rent. At that time, get up early, climb the middle of the night, I do not know what is what is bitter, tired, only one thought in mind "to make money".

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