Site appears free two words is a trap or lucky

recently the Internet can always see the free, free, free to take what seckill pumping car and so on all marketing methods plus a free two words, but when I click to enter the site to see the so-called free is true, but the real free is unreal, why say so?

1, free is a strategy, after entering the real trap is found.

2, the so-called free is that you buy a house to send you a free one, the name does not match.

3, free of charge on the basis of the charges, there is no real free, but how much to send free form.

4, the initial is free, the process is charged.

want to get really free now is not realistic, but as a webmaster can also use this free two words for their websites to add a bit of traffic, we are using that you don’t have that is out of date, with good free in your eyes is God Dan, if used properly, then free is a poison in front of the house, I would like to introduce a small website how to free two words.

first, the use of free to do emotional marketing

free is not the true sense of the free, but as a webmaster can use free to do emotional marketing, released some free promises to attract users to enter the site, resulting in the user’s understanding, familiar with the promotion of single user, users are not noticed by free to charge, believe many webmaster in Suning, the Jingdong store to buy things, I visited, last is not to say that 8.15 wars, a lot of things are free, the day I got a free nothing, instead purchased a 1695 mobile phone, from which we can see is the so-called free a kind of emotional marketing strategy, the world where there will be a true free


two, the use of free charge

don’t know if you know this QQ program? Is it really free, but there are many in the free charge function, you might say we don’t have these charges can not it? Can, but you don’t have someone, then someone else is QQ than you beautiful, space is better than you, you not under a situation? And how to use the money. So we in the website operation process can also be learned this trick, in fact, now many sites use this trick, 28 nets, A5 forum, Chinaz forum, the forum is free, but in order to protect the interests of users must charge a small fee to prevent malicious registration, then 10 yuan the money of the certification fee was born, this is a good thing, to prevent some illegal persons to enter, but also let us learn can be converted to the charge on a free forum foundation, this is the means of operation.

three, the use of free bedding

The most important meaning of

free is in a short time

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