Tencent mobile phone micro-blog upgrade 4.4 version of the page can not be used to uninstall the uni


Discuz! Lovers April 15th news (text / see a webmaster) April 15th morning, @ ning Yu Ching Tencent micro-blog in micro-blog broke the 4.4 version of the Tencent micro-blog after the upgrade is not too good to use! "On the evening of 14, a see also encountered the same problem, the Tencent micro-blog upgrade version 4.4 to open a permanent residence guide page can not be used repeatedly and unsuccessfully to restart the mobile phone software to open the micro-blog Tencent.

in the Tencent micro-blog in micro-blog @ ning Yu Ching broke the 4.4 version of the Tencent micro-blog after the upgrade is not so good! ", the real name authentication Tencent micro-blog @ Quanyou stone commented that" last night on the experience". Then netizens have Tucao, many netizens questioned whether the cost of Tencent micro-blog upgrade higher.

, see also encountered the same problem yesterday after the upgrade, the upgrade successfully opened micro-blog found Tencent set up permanent residence in the guide page, micro-blog can not use any function, then repeatedly restart the software and mobile phone are of no avail, the Tencent micro-blog still strike. Finally see a hundred boring Nai, had to uninstall the original micro-blog software, after the installation to resume normal, but after the upgrade page more bloated, the interface is not simple, affecting the user experience.

a view of this observation found that, due to the problem caused by the Tencent micro-blog upgrade package can not be compatible with the original code to lead to Tencent mobile phone micro-blog strike. But netizens worry Tencent micro-blog version 4.4 high cost flow problem, a claim that after reloading should not have the flow of waste phenomenon, but it is worth reminding that careful Tencent micro-blog new function may lead to increase the flow of waste.

this, Tencent in the author published this article did not make any response. A view that Tencent micro-blog upgrade package has not been tested in strict and repeated hastily uploaded, which is irresponsible for the user experience, does not fit the image of large companies. A view of the proposed Tencent should be the first time to come up with an explanation and apologize to the immediate release of the solution.

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