The Ministry of health will strike against online drug advertising

                  Admin5 station network July 23rd news reporter yesterday from the Ministry of health website found that from July to October this year, the Internet great in strength and impetus for health care and medicine information service of the special rectification action heavy attack in the country, including drug advertising, crackdown, vulgar false and unaudited agreed to the 3 types of Internet health care and drug information service.

the action led by the Ministry of health and overall coordination, supervision and monitoring of medical and health information service website content; the Information Office of the State Council in charge of the central and local key commercial websites, search engine websites vulgar content monitoring and remediation clean-up; Communication Management Department refused to shut down in accordance with the law enforcement of administrative penalty; the public security departments to combat Internet communication pornographic information and other illegal and criminal activities in accordance with the law; the business sector to investigate and punish illegal online advertising, "STD treatment drug advertising.

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