Liaoning rare network infringement hacker was sentenced to compensate 200 thousand yuan Shenyang informed

on 1 December, the Liaoning Provincial Higher People’s court before the rare network infringement case in the province together because of unfair competition and has caused the end of the trial, as a "hacker" Shenyang a digital imaging company in the theft of rival QQ, through continuous attacks, causing the other tens of thousands of customer files are delete. The victim was awarded 200 thousand yuan.

He Changchun is a 71 year old Shenyang Heping District Dalong Photo Agency owners, has been engaged in printing, photography and related services. In 2004, the picture agency staff for Dalong No. QQ on the Internet, receiving customers through QQ, pictures, business contacts with customers.

in April 20, 2005, and Shenyang Dalong photo agency technology Ltd. signed a lease agreement with FTP disk, FTP disk provided by the company to its leasing business. Customers will need to transmit pictures through FTP processing, making for Dalong photo agency.

August 2005, Dalong Photo Agency found the net mass images sent by the client is lost or damaged, QQ password theft, fraudulent use of QQ. Yimeng Dalong company found FTP disk Photo Agency leasing is the illegal invasion in supervision, malicious delete, upload data. September 23rd, Dalong photo agency reported to the police.

then commissioned by the police, Yi Meng company to the relevant departments to investigate the attack of Dalong photo agency FTP IP address, and the transfer of the part of the security log, through the analysis of the security log, lock the broadband IP address of the corresponding carrying telephone number, namely Shenyang Yi Feng digital image noni Limited general manager of a business office the telephone.

The court found the defendant’s

, a search at the end of August 2005 to Dalong photo agency QQ number, the QQ password cracking software to get the other QQ password, from mid September to September 25th, the Internet and office using the QQ number, fraudulent use of the name photo agency staff Dalong chat, pictures, and delete data interception. In addition, a business will also set the QQ number and mobile phone bundled in Dalong Photo Agency found QQ password theft, modify password, the QQ website will modify the information to send SMS to him. It also admitted to delete pictures is to "let not normal to the customer Dalong output picture" and "let customers for Dalong companies are not satisfied, causing losses to the interests of the company dalong".

February 2006, He Changchun will be Shenyang Iran digital imaging Co., Noni Maple taking a prosecution to the court, seeking compensation for economic losses more than 74 yuan.

Shenyang City Intermediate People’s court held that the enterprise should abide by equality, justice, the principle of good faith in the market management, to maintain orderly market competition, taking a defendant in the execution of duties behavior should be regarded as legal behavior, so Iran Noni company shall bear the corresponding legal responsibility maple for taking a position of tort behavior. The two defendants by illegal means intentional damage to the plaintiff’s reputation, disrupt the normal market order, constitute unfair competition, this decision Shenyang Iraq Noni >

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