CCTV exposure Jingdong sell Apple refurbished Apple complaint non case

there are many brands of mobile phones in the factory will set up a proprietary serial number, the serial number is equivalent to the phone’s identity card, recording the phone’s color, model, sales area, etc.. But let consumers Wu puzzling is that the so-called new mobile phone to buy in the domestic mainstream online shopping platform, the serial number and the information recorded in the original is not on the number of new mobile phone, and was "refurbished goods"


well-known online shopping platform to buy a new phone

may have been modified

bought a pink apple 5C mobile phone on the phone, Ms. Wu told reporters that the phone after more than a month, the frequent crashes, and can not update the program, so that it can not boot. When facing the Jingdong exchange advice, she worried, after all, to the mobile phone and the invoice first return to Jingdong shopping vouchers. So Ms. Wu himself first in Apple’s official website found an Apple authorized service station, and in February 16, 2014 to the maintenance station were detected, and the detection is that Ms Wu had an unexpected discovery.

Wu said, the staff told her the back of burns, perhaps before the water had been burnt, repaired, and then the staff found that her mobile phone motherboard is corresponding to a 16G blue 5C mobile phone, but as early as 2013 October, registered in the uk.

reporter noted that apple repair center to Wu issued a report on the test, the test results are: the main board sweep code serial number and the serial number outside the fuselage does not match. Motherboard actual serial number F2LL9XS4FFT7". According to the serial number of reporters through Apple’s official customer service inquiries. The results are exactly the same as Ms. Wu said.

reporter in accordance with the purchase of 5C from Ms. Wu’s Apple phone on the back of the IMEI query, the results show that the phone should be a 32G pink apple. Apple staff told reporters, only the motherboard serial number, mobile phone and mobile phone packaging Cato sequence No. three, in order to prove to be good for Apple Mobile phone. Apple’s official customer service officer said, this machine is not the same as the three yards, it may be modified.

must provide the phone number and password ID or not

experts: no right to ask for

Ms. Wu hopes to return compensation after

testing. But at that time, Jingdong has always refused to comply with the requirements of ms.. So she dialed the local 315 complaints hotline in Beijing, the results of the coordination is still only a new machine to ms.. Due to the coordination of fruitless 315 complaints hotline finally had to hand over the complaint to the business sector. Industry and commerce departments involved in the coordination, the Jingdong finally agreed to return to Wu, but it is clear that not compensation. For this half a month, Ms. Wu proposed loss, Jingdong said added 50 yuan Beijing coupons made a telephone fee.


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