Daily topic fight dad’s video industry to join Ali can change the pattern of the video industry

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network April 30th news, Alibaba these days are busy enough! UC and Ali jointly launched mobile search what number 28, the afternoon of the same day the Alibaba group announced a joint Yunfeng fund, to $1 billion 220 million stake Youku potatoes, 18.5% stake, becoming the largest single shareholder in addition to the management of. Which accounted for 16.5% of Alibaba, Yunfeng fund accounted for 2%.

had to say that Ali is indeed a great force, the industry has been in the past, either Tencent or Baidu will reach a cooperation with excellent soil, but Alibaba is able to squeeze the opponent down. Think about UC and push together what search is the same, before UC and Baidu has been in the scandal, but was to fight Ali


burn video industry has already entered the era of competition of family background "

video industry has always been a money losing industry, so only have enough money to keep going. So in recent years, the video sites in order to survive, only to find the "godfather". Iqiyi PPS backed Baidu PPTV, backed by Suning, now even the excellent soil has also been Alibaba. As the saying goes back to the mountains to go farther. Now the rest is influenced by the drama under the framework of the Sohu alone, Zhang Zhaoyang was not to regard it as right: we do not believe that this strategic combination can do a thing. We are still in line with the regular play firm, unaffected. We are confident that Sohu video to maintain the first three, but also to achieve beyond."

Ali can change the video pattern?

many views are not optimistic about Ali, although Ali has no experience in the video industry, but don’t forget to bring Ali excellent soil Money! Such a look is not on the excellent soil development is full of imagination, the copyright procurement, later made content…… Sufficient funds to continue to burn, even burn out beautiful future? Of course is not to say that money is the video industry leader, did not go out after all, now the video industry is still in the "content – user – flow – Advertising – income" mode.



Ali incoming did not have what effect on the video pattern, but for Ali finally filled this short video


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