Cattle guest network was 10 million yuan Pre-A round of financing B side and C side business how to


36 krypton learned today that the programmer written interview cattle off network has been completed 10 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, this round of financing by the billion capital investment area, temporarily do not disclose the valuation. Cattle off the network CEO Ye Xiangyu said that this round of financing will be used for the expansion of the team and business end of the interview tool to improve the tool, but also will begin to explore a better C end education model.

36 krypton has introduced cattle off network, cattle off network programmers from grab pen interview pieces of information integration started, has now developed into a set of pen interview system, course education, community exchange and recruitment push in one platform, more than 300 thousand registered users, "985" and "211" university students accounted for compared to above 30%.

big companies or start-up companies, to find a suitable candidate for the programmer has been not easy, in order to solve this problem, the cattle off network information integration from do business services and education, specifically, currently has the following main tools:

online written examination / interview system

online examination system can be achieved online programming, camera monitoring, identification, and out of code similarity through time is abnormal and other functions, but also can analysis the candidate written examination results, including the function of the realization of code rate, code efficiency and standardization, to reduce the subjective question marking people this time and improve efficiency. This system had served the school recruit NetEase.

interview system, the interview and the interviewer at the time agreed to enter the system, the interviewer can online as a candidate set of candidates online programming to solve the interviewer’s questions, also can realize the video call, after the end of the interview the interviewer can immediately feedback, and the result records.

live / online lectures will be

at present, cattle passenger network course live product "expert plan" has been launched, has now completed the live two courses, live 30 times, more than 400 paying customers, customer price at around 700-1000 yuan; in addition, the content of cattle passenger network has already started to work and school and uni-data Xuecheng geeks the. Ye Xiangyu revealed that online preaching products will soon be on the line.

recruitment / push / advertising

In the

to find the precise crowd, cattle off network direct docking B end demand, to provide users with push the opportunity, solve the enterprise recruitment problems, the cattle off network services including drops, NetEase, 360,, as street Internet Co.

online programming contest

in addition to the course and examination, the cattle off network can also be tailored for the enterprise to complete the programming contest, from the pre tournament title, system design, the solicitation process.

cattle passenger network, said the company has reached a cooperation with NetEase, will be 2>

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