Zhuang Shuai view VANCL where the brand was forced to encounter difficulties on the line V+

e-commerce is entering the stage of brand? As China E-Commerce Association of senior experts, China Mobile Research Institute expert / think-tank, this year I was asked many times in many public occasions is no clear position: the brand establishment stage, any industry establishment at the beginning of all need to consider this issue, and prepare for a long-term, this is the right to establish brand thinking.

said this, we have to talk about, where the customer is B2C in the area of electronic commerce is considered very successful business, but in my opinion, a brand is very bad. Thinking on the brand building is very confusing, weak awareness.


why it is considered successful? Because the PPG collapse, but it did not. It seems to be a bit extreme, but it’s true. I recall PPG scenery and tragedy today, where the customer in the business process has been trying to avoid a repeat of the tragedy, one way is to supply chain management. Where the customer seems to fall in PPG supply chain management failure, this is a fact. But if it is concluded that the supply chain is the only long-term development of B2C enterprises, there will be a more serious problem, that is, the "brand value" of negligence!

we look at what is where the customer? Established initially, it is a network of low-cost brand shirts, direct and PPG was already in a disastrous state competition, including advertising is the use of "follow the strategy", is also the competitor advertising where, where passengers are there. At the start of the 07 years, we can see a wide range of PPG ads above, below or beside where the ads appear at the same time. This strategy is very successful in the early stage, many successful enterprises in the use of "follow the strategy", as we know it’s time to establish KFC, McDonald’s is late, but the business model and products with very similar (words professional point is "homogeneity"), so how to win the shop? Follow, McDonald’s stores in which, in which kfc.

the following strategy to make every guest get word of mouth effect more, we discussed Eric and PPG, of website style, product (shirt), price, customer experience, customer service service, advertising strategy, mode of operation, the style of the various founder more than the advertising was a very good long tail effect "that makes advertising is to reduce the cost of intangible, in the fall after the PPG, we replace its position, and even attracted PPG develop habits of loyal customers on the Internet to buy Shirts, shirts in the vertical field lay their dominance, 08 year sales reached 600 million, in the media began to challenge the traditional shirt boss – YOUNGOR!

this time where the customer is network shirt brand leader, and even today (June 2010) and the electronic commerce many friends chatted every guest, they still think it is selling shirts. Objectively speaking, where the customer as a "brand" in just two or three years of operation, is a huge success. To where the PPG collapse caused.

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