Simple account, to analyze the future of the first video

first video too greedy.

120 yuan to play the 1000 show, the price in the domestic advertising industry should be regarded as the highest price. Even the CCTV advertising price is not so expensive!

several large domestic portal Sina YAHOO Sohu, Tencent, and so on, but also the price of a few thousand dollars a day, but that is how many times to show ah.

The first

video do not think about what is called puerile ah, old thinking to eat a fat one! But the world where there are so many fat ah! You’re moving you eat


1000 times the price of $120, according to the price of the advertisers have to hit a lot of money ah, if the first video according to the first page of the daily volume is the 126 million 680 thousand time to count, the day of the 15 million (behind the solution

release), do the last two or three or two or three weeks to move to close the door!

some people might say, not so much, there are other ads. Well, now there is a background display advertising what Linguaphone, count it to two advertisers ah, half a 7 billion 500 million,

this is not enough to toss a few days ah.

so impossible, advertisers every day investment limited, for example, a 1 million day limit mobile advertising, what are the 2 million Linguaphone 1 million, how much is this two


advertisers can not have 2 million days a day in the first video ads,


what is the rest of the show is a public service ads, said to be public service ads, it is better to say that the first video of their free advertising! The first video is always said that their input is mostly large, you do not forget you

from the station to make the flow of how much? Moreover, there is also a webmaster input, the larger point of the station, but also to the server, but also broadband, the station is no one to pay wages, the owners have to eat.

such an analysis that the first video seems to have no future.

but, as far as I know, the cost of the collection between the advertisers and the owners of the Phoenix is 15%, 100 million that garbage collection is 30%, Baidu and Google do not know, but definitely not the first video

so abnormal, (120-8) /120X100%, how much? 93.333%, of course, the first video advertising forms of video than other forms of advertising investment to be larger, but not as large as the

kind of point,


so, the first video is no longer greedy greedy alliance. Other major leagues are the independent development of the site and the alliance, and even the site to drive the alliance, and the first video is

maintain the survival of the first video website, Ma said Ali mother to be profitable within three years, and now Ali’s mother is relying on the strength of the Ali group operations, is

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