Giant million acquisition of but can not get the new top-level domain name.Shop

renamed China ( March 17th news, according to foreign news, GMO filed a new top-level domain.Shop failed, the reason is that in the first assessment, therefore, insufficient scores failed to get a new top-level domain.Shop.



: assessment report screenshot

GMO is a sort of company? Remember last year sold 800 million yen, single letter domain of about 41 million 580 thousand yuan? GMO is photographed. GMO is Japan’s Internet giant, the company was founded in 1991, is Japan’s largest Internet service provider.

new top-level domain name.Shop, the store, suitable for the electricity supplier website, the current situation at home and abroad electricity supplier, this will be a lot of big terminal to fight for the new top-level domain name.

in the total score of 16 points in the evaluation of GMO company, only 6 points, but missed with.Shop. Other companies have submitted applications for this new top-level domain.

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