Tiexue money muffled community electricity supplier

Tiexue CEO Jiang Lei

              review: when a "comprehensive business" price war and the loss is difficult to stop when the military community website Tiexue business in silence and earned a pours. However, the community for 6 years, after selling outdoor military goods sold nearly 5 years to reach 70 million of the annual sales. According to founder and CEO Jiang Lei said, the development speed of 60% and now is not fast enough, the future will also encounter the ceiling of the scale, but it is not clear which specific, because no one has done".

Sina Technology Shen Yunfang

said the predator Junpin mall is the electricity supplier community specimens is not too: it consists entirely of military community Tiexue extends to the community of users, and users a high degree of coincidence. 2011 sales of about 70000000, gross margin and net profit margin of about 40% and about 10%.

The development of

Junpin and not much The path winds along mountain ridges. From the end of 2007 to foreign suppliers founder Jiang Lei letters issued delivery mail to do its own brand "was now the" iron electricity supplier of the road can even say well. By the end of 2007, the line of the first paragraph, it was only a price of 700 yuan of outdoor military coat, did not expect a week sold more than and 10 pieces. Beyond all expectations sales pace to Jiang Lei emboldened to slowly increase the quantity of the goods. At the beginning of 2008, the military began to expand the category to sunglasses, flashlight etc..

the Junpin sales figures soared beautifully: 2008 6 million, 2009 soared more than 3 times to 26 million, exceeding 50 million in 2010, about 70000000 in 2011.

2008, the establishment of iron independent business department, declared to be transition stage of success. Our electricity supplier business is profitable from the beginning." And every day entangled in the scale and profitability of the comprehensive electricity supplier in a variety of " XXO" speaking tone compared to Jiang Lei said this sentence is obviously a lot easier.

today, more than 100 employees the electricity supplier sector has accounted for nearly half of the number of employees of the company ". The Jagged Community provides data that the number of users is 10 million, the number of the customer is 100 thousand Junpin mall. Last year the summer Junpin price is 600~700 yuan, the price is 1700~1900 yuan in winter. The number of repeat purchase is about two times, the repeat purchase rate is 70%.


gathered a large number of highly fragmented users, so the iron business almost do not need to do promotion on other websites. However, the number of hundreds of thousands of vertical communities and the number of users can not be compared to the level of the comprehensive electricity supplier, so iron >

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