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1 drops of licensed car permit future national breaking is not the problem?  

after more than a year after the barbaric growth, car market has finally entered the era of "license".

October 8th, drops fast announced in Shanghai, Shanghai City Transportation Commission issued qualification of network about car rental platform license, which is now released the first domestic car platform license. As a bit of a rival Uber, then announced on the same day settled in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, on the issue of licensing, Uber is also actively preparing for.

, however, industry analysts believe that the current license of Shanghai pilot, is still a local policy, there are still a lot of differences around the policy. At the same time, for the large car platform, its layout is a national, so the short-term impact is not too large.

2 who is the last straw to grind dead PC vendors?  


on this review, we must first explain the definition of "traditional PC manufacturer" – Lenovo (Lenovo), Acer (Acer), ASUS (ASUS), HP (HP) and DELL (Dell) are considered traditional PC vendors, but the business variety, only one is PC. If we assume that "PC vendors are going to die", it is more of a business than an entire PC……

this week, Microsoft held a product launch, breath launched including Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL, Band 2 (smart bracelet), Surface Pro and Surface Book, including a variety of hardware products. Among them, Surface Book (for Microsoft) is a new classification, the design of the fine and there have been many netizens praised as "gave no OEM manufacturers face".

so, with innovative "it turned out the ultimate" (official words: Microsoft The Ultimate Laptop?), Xiao Bian today talk about the old "PC manufacturer is dying" — if traditional PC vendors really no more miserable, the road gets narrower, so, eventually these companies (not necessarily all, or just a few of these) decided to abandon the PC business. What is it? It is possible Microsoft Surface Book is the ultimate answer.

3 the worst of the continuous Entrepreneurs: Wang Xing experienced in school, no food and the United States Mission  

in the creation of the United States before the group, Wang Xing is known as the most unfortunate continuous entrepreneurs.

he experienced failure really can write a 10 years of history – step Internet "how I failed". Wang Xing school (Renren predecessor) before the product, the direction is not right; school direction did not ask >

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