Can SEO make millions of dollars a year

says the Internet can make money. Is this true? Of course, this is not really true, and there are a lot of people to dig their own life first bucket of gold in the network, and a lot of people because of a domain name or a website overnight, very famous is hao123. As we all know, Baidu to 7 digit price to buy it, although it is only a navigation station, but did almost threaten Baidu’s point, this is great. It’s worth learning for all of us.

seems to be from Baidu after the acquisition of hao123 navigation station all of a sudden the fire up, a variety of navigation stations springing up endless, but in the end a lot of people give up. But some people insist on down, such as the acquisition of Google 265. Is also a good proof. As long as you insist on doing, will always be picked up pearls found.

said more than enough to prove that the network can make money. Of course, we only discuss the scope of personal webmaster, other areas of e-commerce we do not explain. Personal webmaster can do a variety of stations, such as movie station, novel station, these stations were red and temporary. Many personal webmaster to join them, there are still a lot of people do. Enough to prove the sweetness of the cake.

of course we don’t have to compete with them for the big cake. It’s not a good fight. We can do other stations. For example, the product resources under your cable, you can get a B2C mode, or C2C mode of personal station. Sell your goods online. Or wholesale. If you do not have the resources we can do a website, make a good ranking out, through the sale of advertising to earn the cost, but the home station to promote a person often feel powerless. So we can choose some small industries. Don’t crush squeeze which do not squeeze into the industry. Waste time and money.

is a very popular method that is Wangzhuan, Taobao customers. A few years ago to join the cause of Taobao customers who have earned money, but now many people say that Taobao is not a guest. Decline, but look at mom in the billboard will see included people over 100 thousand or There are plenty of people who. That’s not a legend.

said these are some popular ways to make money, in recent years due to the rise of SEO, many enterprises have begun to pay attention to it, will hire such talents to help them optimize the site, commonly known as the website optimization promotion. I had an article specifically referred to the status quo to help enterprises optimize orders. In fact, this is also a way to make money, and many people began to try to optimize a variety of professional companies to promote the studio came into being. But the industry has a drawback is a long cycle, need 2-3 months to have income, so there is no pre funding is difficult to set up company, unless there are other business support, because the search engine is not qualitative, also caused the industry instability, but how also can not stop people making money passion.


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