These make the magic shop to make money you have

don’t want to be a general soldier, also don’t want to let the shop owner make money is not a good owner, at least not a "money, to make thick" grand aspirations of the owner. The owner of the shop is to make money, if you shop is not to make money, it is worthless. Look at the following to make the magic shop to earn money, count you have a few

A good product is king

open shop before, we must think about what they want to sell products, product positioning, product corresponding consumer groups, not blind. This is very important, only the location of the quasi, to carry out other work, such as publicity. After positioning, to ensure the quality of their products, must not because it is the shop, the customer can not see the product, you can pass, cry up wine and sell vinegar. The customer is not a fool, this treatment is not responsible for their own products to the customer complaint behavior, many places to go, unless you want to have a bad review, perhaps just want to reveal a face on the network do, otherwise please for your goods for. Treat your goods like to treat your kids as well, so it become the best, can make you proud, so the quality is absolutely guaranteed will, good quality is king. Only good quality, those who can become a regular customer of your customers, and their best publicity, you have to believe that the power of saliva is very powerful!

is a stepping stone to

wine also afraid of deep alley, so you also need to publicize the product is good. Do not underestimate the power of publicity, otherwise so many big brands to spend a lot of time to do all sorts of gold advertising is what?

There are a lot of

propaganda way, don’t ignore your "" decoration ", put your shop pages get a distinctive, have their own style, not rigidly adhere to the general, certainly there will be good results, no matter how personality, must be beautiful! Everyone love beauty is the best match again some music can give shoppers happy mood! Then, you still have to go to each big website, the forum issued some soft wen. I will write the best, can not write to please a gunman. Put the soft Wen written painting hidden like a more advertisement. Secondly, you can spend some money to engage in some promotional activities, so it is possible to make you appear in the home page of the shopping site, then click on the volume is certainly not small.

good service is guaranteed

1 now good stores play service card, can buy the best products to serve you with God, you will love this shop. A service is to deal with you when buyers attitude is better, this requires you to call to "pro, trained with regularity. Hello, wait, thank you, welcome to come again next time, what can I do for you" these must be changed. And the working hours must not be deserted, the customer cannot ask for a long time did not respond, this will give the customer a poor impression. A friend of mine in the program on the supermarket opened a shop selling software, but he was usually very busy business online, resulting in a large number of customer churn, and finally had to

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