Baidu advertising Butler upgrade for the entire network free open

webmaster admin5.com10 22 news: recently there is news that Baidu advertising Butler will conduct a series of revision upgrades, and yesterday Baidu announced Baidu advertising housekeeper housekeeper network wide open. Notice that Baidu advertising housekeeper to the Chinese Internet all websites free of charge, just in the Baidu advertising housekeeper system to register the account, you can equal and free to use all the services.

announcement full text:

cited content:

Baidu advertising housekeeper upgrade in October 21st, this upgrade features are as follows:

1, open free for all sites.

Baidu advertising housekeeper open to all Internet sites in China free of charge, just in the Baidu advertising steward system to register the account, you can equal and free to use all the services.

2, get code page optimization.

1) this upgrade is mainly for page interaction, the code is not affected.

2) through the "one way: two segment JS" to obtain the new two segment code, no need to put into the head, you can put the first paragraph of the code in any position before the second segment of the code.

3) the original need to put in the head two segment JS, access to the entrance to the following figure in the advanced version of the two segment JS".


4) by way of "two: paragraph JS" to get the code to support the JS call.

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Baidu advertising housekeeper

Baidu advertising manager is a medium and high-end media for stability, high speed, easy to use, free advertising management system. With 99.99% service stability; high speed sharing Baidu IDC resources, enjoy the Baidu network response speed. Advertising release immediate effect; easy to cover the domestic high-end media advertising management needs; low learning costs, in line with the domestic advertising management practices; commitment to permanent free and many other features. Before this, Baidu Alliance Limited registered users, the Baidu advertising housekeeper free opening strategy is likely is the first revision upgrade, the future service personal webmaster can be unrestricted completely free to use Baidu advertising housekeeper, a great help to improve personal webmaster advertising management.

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