The company’s website was forced to black supply and demand information to be released liar


company was forced to change the original supply and demand information to the "


click on the "liar release, will pop up two notebook computer information page (screenshots)

"we run the office automation products, but some people call to buy a computer at a low price, only to know that the company’s Web site was invaded and released false information." General manager of a company in Xi’an hope that through this newspaper to remind everyone to pay attention to such acts of fraud.

to buy the phone to know the site was black

Xi’an electronic two on the way to the company’s general manager Mr. Feng said that in March 2007 the company established a website to become Alibaba’s integrity through enterprise. In February 12th this year, he received a phone call from a man, the other asked: why do you sell the computer so cheap?." Mr. Feng is very surprised, because the company does not operate the computer. Upon inquiry, the man is the information obtained from the company’s web page links to supply and demand information.

open a link, Mr. Feng saw two well-known brands of notebook computer pictures, a price of 2200 yuan, another 1800 yuan price, "on the left contact name or phone number of Mr. Feng, but not Mr feng. Mr. Feng hit the phone number in the past, a man with a Guangdong accent said he was Mr. Feng, saying there is indeed a low-cost notebook to sell. Mr. Feng let the company employees who want to buy fake contact, the man refused the first inspection request, and gives the bank account, so that the first exchange of 1000 yuan.

quickly changed the supply and demand information and report

this is obviously a liar, liar black our website, with the credibility of the company lie." Mr. Feng said he contacted the Alibaba network, was told to delete the product information needs to be reviewed, temporarily can not be deleted. In desperation, he will be the company website "supply and demand information" link name to "liar release, delete the contact, in the" dynamic "link in the statement issued a reminder to be deceived, and then to the Xi’an City Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring detachment reported.

13, according to the reporter, according to Mr. Feng provided liar phone number hit the past, a man said, the goods have been sold out, probably sold a total of three or four units, are linked to the purchase, such as goods and then contact."

taking into account the company’s Web site may be black, Mr. Feng said that he has modified the site’s password, and I hope to remind users to browse through the website of this website do not be fooled.

advised not to manage the website in the Internet cafe

Xi’an Yuhe data security company manager Du Yanchang said, Mr. Feng may be in.

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