Week in review easy car by a Jingdong Tencent financing stock market domain name value 3 million 200

renamed China (eName.cn) January 16th news, this week, announced the acquisition of BITAUTO automobile vertical websites of Jingdong, Tencent totaling $1 billion 550 million investment, the domain name yiche.com worth up. The value of 3 million 200 thousand yuan of "stocks" Shuangpin domain name chaogu.com, is used to build stock network. In addition, the German national domain name putzfrau.de to 32 thousand euros, the contract price of $233 thousand ranked first in the Sedo list.

3 million 200 thousand yuan domain name chaogu.com station

The new

launched this week in the website of Hangzhou Mdt InfoTech Ltd, he spent 3 million 200 thousand yuan acquisition of "stocks" domain name chaogu.com, and set up the stock network. Qinghai live network new version of the site on the line, and enable the new domain name grz.cn. The first domestic electricity supplier us fast tea Lingbao Tesco, enabled 5 letter domain name mlbyg.com on the line.

"Ali" four spell domain name alilaiwang.com was acquired in recently, buyers will be Alibaba? Keer Rui information group take "real estate" three spell domain name dichanren.com. Internet financial platform, creating benefits 100 to the purchase price of 6 digit creative domain name cy100.com.

in this week’s domestic domain name trading market, the digital domain name 646.cn, 2580.com, 6588.com and other successful transactions. The 3 letter domain name wzf.com, mfw.com and cxy.com have also changed.


figure: domestic domain name trading week dynamic

German domain name PutzFrau.de led Sedo list

According to the latest

Sedo list data show that the German national domain name PutzFrau.de to 32 thousand euros, the contract price of 233 thousand yuan in the node shoot, the top of the list, the domain name has the meaning of "handyman, maid" in german. 4 letter domain name jupl.com beat the price of $12500, the 3 letter domain name znq.com for $11500.

in addition, foreign View The Space recently received $3 million 300 thousand financing, officially changed its name to VTS, and enable the new domain name VTS.com.



: foreign domain name trade figure

eBay arbitration 1153 brand domain name

hot this week, in addition to BITAUTO Jingdong, Tencent obtained $1 billion 550 million investment, the world’s largest online shopping platform and eBay gained 1153 ownership of the domain name brand. EBay the name of the application filed for arbitration by WIPO is its trademark brand "eB>

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