The sketch artifact writing software to enhance the efficiency of writing three times

recently, there is a called "sketch artifact" writing software, claims to be able to improve their writing efficiency 3 times, this is exactly what a writing software, I can do so much? The author on this issue, to download the test of this writing software.

this software is called "sketch writing software artifact", obviously, the developer is the position of fast writing. The software developer is a software company called easy technology.

this software on-line time is not long, but a line is put forward a slogan: "3 times to improve writing efficiency", it had to let people think is an exaggeration of propaganda.

is now on the market are known as writing software, can improve the efficiency of writing, but, like this take out "3 times to improve writing efficiency" only this one.

holds many of the questions, the author found the "sketch artifact" official writing software download, after downloading the software, that can not immediately use, must have a user name and password can login, but direct registration link software, according to the registration link quickly registered writing software account.

After the

login software, the author’s first impression: this software is very simple, the interface is very simple, the left is a text editor, the function area, below is the multi function area, basically all the functions in this software interface with button out of the form.

to the author’s first impression is that such a simple software, to improve the efficiency of writing it really be able to "3 times" to improve the efficiency of writing it?

holding a lot of questions, I began to personally test the software, in the end is how to do it is not exaggerated propaganda?.

this software is described, can quickly improve the writing efficiency, is not the main type, only need to use the software to software voice, speak, the software can translate words into text.

this way, for the writing of the people, it is a lot easier, do not spend time and energy on the keyboard, just need to have a good idea of what to write, and then, want to write it out on the list. In theory, if the software’s voice recognition rate is high, then this software can indeed improve the efficiency of writing, but the recognition rate in the end how to do?.

software in the top menu bar there is a voice mode, after the opening of the two modes of voice can be selected, the first is the voice panel, the second is the phone microphone.

I use the notebook computer, the first to experience speech panel function in speech on the panel, directly press the shortcut key F6 software to get the voice panel tune out the speech panel after talking to your computer, the recognition rate is also good, basically able to accurately understand what I say, this is speech panel model. According to my

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