Under the new era Tencent platform network marketing model

new era: how to follow the footsteps of the era of network marketing

network marketing is no longer a new way, in the Chinese people’s thinking, as long as there is a new platform, will be frequently used to the extreme, until the waste into waste gas resources. But this is a new era, need to follow the pace of the development of the Internet, the use of the network platform to marketing, expand the brand marketing force, and ultimately improve the sales of products.

WeChat marketing to follow the footsteps of

according to CNZZ data center statistics, in May the domestic search engine market share, the top three is Baidu, 360 search, new sogou. From this data can be seen in the market share of some new Sogou users, or not long ago, Sogou search engine launched WeChat search, WeChat articles, public accounts can appear in the search engine results. WeChat marketing is no longer a new way, but WeChat’s content can be found by the search engine grab, companies can use this search results, the use of WeChat platform marketing their products.

the following example to give you an analysis of how WeChat content can appear in the search engine results:

first of all, the title of the article can be the main word, the spider will grab the most in line with the user’s article display. For example: search birthdates:


second, according to the matching degree, association degree of keywords, show the smoothness of the search results to the user.


WeChat marketing has gradually occupied the share of network marketing, even if the official WeChat has been to curb the vicious marketing, but WeChat marketing related businesses are still the rapid rise in the speed of thunder and lightning. In view of the launch of the WeChat Sogou search, users Sogou search results page you can browse and query words related to WeChat public numbers and all articles of this unique advantage to further enhance the Sogou search user experience, but also a sign of public number and content can be realized in the search platform. Companies need to follow the footsteps of WeChat marketing, seize the opportunity to marketing.

reasonable Tencent product marketing

scraper scraper, or advertising or advertising! Love Tencent products by advertising Internet users, micro-blog, WeChat, QQ, QQ group for everybody space life provides a convenient interaction, this has become the enterprise implements the network marketing tool, do not know from when, micro-blog, QQ space, QQ group is full of advertising a small amount of information, the ads also began to resonate with everyone, is the life of the products it had attracted attention for a long time, is the enterprise with garbage platform, every minute of the advertising information, the scraper can not find any meaningful content, the user begins to cancel the concerns and comments of friends the dynamic ring and shielding QQ group message, no longer have the effect of marketing.

Tencent platform product marketing

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