Ouyang talk about network marketing you must master the basic skills

at present, with the development of the Internet industry, national standards on the Internet is more and more strict, relatively, the site can only be a few before accepting things now are accepted by more and more. Renren’s listing, the rapid development of the network to buy a series of information, and so on, the site will be an essential part of our future life. So the promotion of the site, the big network marketing is also on the rapid development. Ouyang is currently studying the site’s SEO. Next, Ouyang on my own contact with this line of view, and the majority of network marketing enthusiasts to share.

first, do network marketing to learn simple analysis

website promotion is a big learning, each of us can not master all the way to achieve all-round. So we have to learn to analyze, analyze the site, analyze their own. With his most adept skills to targeted promotion of different sites. Now a wide range of websites, corporate stations, information stations, industry stations, information stations, community stations, each station has its most appropriate way, we want to use it as much as possible to analyze it. For example: Ouyang now do is to promote the 2 stations, one is to explore the network www.ttufo.com UFO, and the other is a private aircraft network www.sirenji.com. The 2 is the information of the site.

second, the use of blog and other free resources within a short period of time to enhance the site weight

What is the purpose of our website

, is certainly in order to allow more people to visit so as to achieve the purpose of profit. So how to bring more traffic is the key to the success of the site. Of course, there will be a lot of ways in this step, in particular, some of the paid services, but will give you immeasurable benefits. Ouyang in this focus is to introduce some free, most people can do.

1, appropriate, uniform increase the site’s chain

is a new station, if you have a large number of the chain appears in the search engine in a very short period of time suddenly, then your station may be search engine that is intentionally, this is not only beneficial to increase website weight, it will lead to a search engine not included your site. Warm tip: on the site of the chain please Baidu "Ouyang SEO blog"), so, increase the chain should not be too much, every day about 20 / stand or so.

2, the use of blog sprocket increase website weight

blog is currently the best use of resources, such as Baidu, Sina, NetEase, Sohu, 39 are good blog resources. Ouyang here to focus on that, do not use blog weight, you can apply for a blog article, the skills to master, friends can not understand the search "blog sprocket or concern with the Ouyang blog, did not say here

3, keep the site updated

is a very important point

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