A mask, soap naked man, you really want to make one

A few days ago my

Wangyefu WeChat group, a friend shared a absolutely shocking picture is as follows, is not to give you the impact of special visual effects. Of course, there is no image mosaic, don’t blame me, I just don’t want to fight mosaic, led astray child.


look back in 2014, the development of micro business, like a flash flood outbreak. Want to stand out in the fierce competition, do not do something, it is difficult.

that we look at the two micro business man approach, whether it is good or not?

first, from the marketing point of view, it should be said to be a case of 80 minutes. First of all, renderings so unrestrained, will lead everyone reprint spread and sharing, and will have to illustrate, this is derivative, are spelled and similar words, then, next, there may be a lot of people to join the army in the micro business.

second, because the parties to use the mask and soap, then joined the army micro business crowd, people will need to supply, some information obtained by the spread of the nude naked man that I started doing micro business, can not find the source, you can start the mask, so the soap, the mask and soap businesses, there will be a flow into


, of course, will have a negative impact, some of the micro electricity supplier industry, after all, appear nude naked, indicating that the industry is not in the right way, a system of norms and management constraints need to.

so, where are the 20 points?

if this event is a hype, then, speculation behavior and influence is to get the desired results. However, for the purpose of real speculation, I estimate that has not yet arrived. First, if it is a mask and soap brand hype, so the middle, less specific brand name, popular in the dissemination process, cannot know the brand, so there is no way to spread through the impact on the brand. Ultimately, there is no way to buy the brand’s products.

is the second, if the person’s behavior, so the influence will certainly than naked naked to wide, but the influence is not a can bring high value. Because WeChat is a social acquaintance, to pose nude form of sellers, to negate some of the most basic trust, but people think some bad social specific people, you know. So, the final audience or friends of friends just a visitor. This type of marketing, but in the street (about) students (gun) human based Mo, the effect will be much better. Specific reasons, I think we all understand. You buy my product, I offer my service, even if do not do service, shoot two hawks with one arrow, you release a similar picture in Mo, are sure to have attracted a lot of people nearby to add, then directly to the nearby people and as a friend, then to chastity, died suddenly.

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