Keyword – search engine is how to make money

      now no one does not know that the search engine is a super money making industry,


      however, if you want to ask how the search engine is profitable, it is estimated that many people can not say.

      just contact search engine users will encounter such a sentence: " please input the key word " or " please input the keywords " this is the search engine to guide users to use a simple method, the user in the search box input you need click the query keywords. Query, immediately there will be results, this is the charm of.

search engine

      today I’m going to know what I do. The engine’s money making model

      Baidu alliance

      Chinese joined the global search alliance, you will get a powerful search function: Chinese service; enjoy super traffic statistics and search service; Baidu website ranking; home free login Baidu web search, while adding updated daily Baidu search; share with Baidu search PPC revenue.

      Google AdSense

      Google AdSense provides more ways for you to gain revenue while increasing the use of your site to visitors. In addition to advertising for content pages, you can also add a Google search box to your site, and then display targeted ads on the search results page. If a visitor clicks on the ads, Google will pay you.

      Ali website alliance

      Ali alliance is the next Alibaba group for the majority of the publisher’s traffic cooperation platform. Alliance has a number of powerful advertisers, rich product style, as well as fast payment, has a good brand and reputation in the industry, is your best choice for cooperation! Ali alliance advertisers include Alibaba’s major Internet brands: YAHOO, Taobao, Alibaba; Ali alliance enabled Alipay as a payment tool, safe and fast to complete the payment of commissions; a website set up Ali alliance in support of a member, you can clearly understand the benefits of different websites; Ali alliance has more perfect report system, clearly reflect the various dimensions of the data, to help their traffic resources you better.

      Sogou alliance is in the original Sogou auction union >

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