Pull hate media have no moral or backfire makeup moral

today, accidentally saw an article in the WeChat circle of friends, said WeChat is a public number called the media to expose the circle of friends die makeup cosmetics, this circle of friends like raged, the sister had to admire the courage, dare to pull hate backfire. I can only say, pro, to fight others, to fulfill their own, you really do it, it also reminds me of the movie "private custom" inside the lines, "to help others, nausea themselves". The key is that the target is not the same ah, people that is a great nausea is their own, you are quite good, to fulfill their own, but also to make others sick of their own. However, from the marketing point of view, makeup media is making big fat.

I saw in the WeChat circle of friends that article, there have been tens of thousands of reading. This can have hundreds of thousands of fans are higher than the amount of reading from the media a lot ah! This time, she had to say, but the fire sky! The influence is very wide, the estimated circle of friends all know that she was selling cosmetics. Some of the disadvantages of several mask and she also revealed the WeChat circle of friends often appear, this is equivalent to those who sell the mask is successfully pulled a head-on blow, hatred fire!


dare to expose the industry insider is a true warrior

Lu Xun has said such a word, real warrior dares to face the gloomy life! Here, I have known makeup media as a warrior, exposing the fake fighters within the industry has always existed in this world, not like before, Fang Moumou has been called fake celebrity? And dare to expose the internal industry if the person is a real warrior? Two cases, one is really the most willing to, asking not willing to do a real warrior. Another is the name of the banner is fake, but in order to meet their own interests.

of people fulfill their own moral or ethical

?From the end of

from what others say, is probably an immoral thing. For example, we often say that we can’t speak ill of others openly. However, if we see that others can not be deceived to come forward, it is also immoral?. And I stand in a third party’s point of view, it can only be said that the moral put in the heart, morality on both sides. People’s health is the most important.

grab someone else’s pigtail also have to care about their shoes

as the saying goes: "often walk in the river, where there is no wet shoes". You succeeded in seizing the pigtail of others, Congratulations, you are successful. But don’t forget that you’re also pushing cosmetics. Once you recommended products appear little mistakes, their signs will shatter. Once for his endorsement of the Moumou, and now has not become a spokesman for the fake it?


is famous, is not easy to keep the name, and cherish it! All things, stick to your own moral bottom line on the line, and a personal grudges, only a pair of eyes staring at you, with the whole industry circle and inside >

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