Do classification or do portal personal webmaster thinking

as a personal webmaster, local station, in the end is to do classification or do portal, this problem has been around me. I am a personal webmaster in Fuzhou, before doing a lot of sites, all kinds of stations have. Shortly before the registration of a domain name is FZ, Fuzhou -, fz1w the whole link are: a network of Fuzhou (I love to call him Fuzhou Netcom). Many people think this domain is more suitable for the portal station network is a clean sweep of the meaning of that thing, of course is as wide as possible! But I don’t think so, I think the domain name just to play a guiding role, a website survival value, more is to look at the content of the website, content rich website nature will attract tens of thousands of visitors. But what is the classification or portal, this will It differs from man to man. which direction you want to see the development.

classification, portal, plainly, is a breadth of a depth. If you want to suggest you do the depth development, classification, I had that feeling after all personal webmaster’s limited capacity and energy, can not face mask, so as to make the classification of Fuzhou Netcom station. In fact, a classification of the station is not as simple as imagined, in order to do it well, in fact, the details are very important, is the so-called details determine success or failure. In particular, the specific content of the site is even more so. To dig the characteristics of many classification information station, and found their deficiency, then to their station to modify and improve, only by constantly learning other people’s good, continue to explore their own shortcomings, in order to continue to progress! For a classification station, SEO (search engine optimization) is very important. Because now we like and used to search, we all like in Baidu, GOOGLE direct search for their own products and information, so the classification of information network, its SEO is particularly important. Sometimes one or two good keywords, can bring you thousands of traffic. Here I stand: for example I now every one very important thing is to see every day from Baidu, GOOGLE to flow, see through what keywords, and then targeted to optimize the 1-3 keyword, so stick with it for a long time, you will find the flow of your site will continue to increase. I like the station of Fuzhou Netcom I found through observation, every day through the search: the number of Fuzhou second-hand car the keywords to have dozens of people, I went to the Baidu keyword search, I found that the site was ranked fourth, if in the first row, the flow is estimated to be several hundred, so I the home page title: "Fuzhou Netcom Fuzhou second-hand car, rent houses, bus line query, classification information, convenience net". Key words keywords, describes the description are targeted to be modified, and in the top of the home page of the increase in the use of electric vehicles in Fuzhou rolling information to further increase the keyword density of the page. I believe my ranking will be improved soon.

but it’s not very technical

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