Bean profit of small fresh Dahong diagram of a 70 million user community




/ ("observation" Lanna evening financial feeds)

bean is probably the only one not Chinese "shadow" of the mainstream Internet product, you can see the shadow of YAHOO from Sina, see the shadow of Youtube from Youku body, see the shadow of Facebook from everyone online, but watercress music, SNS (Social Network Service) along the route, snatching up that became a literary youth camp.

this also means watercress business model can not refer to the case of mature America on the Internet, when watercress from a founder Yang Bo, a person in Beijing Hutong near the Starbucks program bean can create independent website, a large community need to feed more than and 300 figures, carrying 70 million young artists of social life, money is a a big problem imminent.

model of watercress in the industry is called "slow", is not only China Internet enterprise is compared with those in a leisurely manner as if fierce tigers development speed, and Yang Bo was a lukewarm, know almost the staff described watercress before Yang Bo knows "listen", "a North (Yang Bo said: love on the net). It is said you express the content of pet phrase, received, does not represent 100% of the agreement. He spoke slowly, but the dialogue was slow. Usually after you ask a question, first a lot of thought, there may be dozens of seconds, and then said: N points, 1…… 2…… 3…… Very clear idea."

this top-down corporate culture also determines the bean cannot be built as gaming on the Tencent, Alibaba as providers of electricity in a fierce and requires strong executive power as the guarantee of the business model, Yang Boji praised America "connection" (Wired) magazine, former editor Chris? Anderson (Chris Anderson) wrote "the long tail". This is a subversion of the "28 principles" of the works, the author thinks that the long tail and non selling goods category because of the huge base, but after the accumulation is not inferior to the seller’s profits, and the rise of the Internet, so that people find and obtain the long tail goods cost is greatly reduced, so that the latter has widely produced "may, spread and obtain".

Yang Bo wrote in "the long tail" in the book: "the long tail choose too much, so for each person to pick out the right thing, need more powerful filter. Scout, editing, marketing, advertising is "pre filter traditional". Blog, comments, recommendations, grassroots opinion is the post filter, only these can deal with the long tail of the low signal-to-noise ratio and extreme personal interest orientation. Today, the development of the network, and finally have a search, recommend these powerful information technology, can provide an effective filtering for individual consumers. This is the cause of the long tail and Web 2 generated in the same age."


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